Wolfgang Puck asked TikTok about steak tartare and people have a lot to say

Puck posted an 8 second video showing a steak tartare being prepared. The text overlay asked, “Would you like to eat raw steak?” The video, which features a mini column of raw ground beef with a streak of egg yolk and Worcestershire sauce, has received nearly 450,000 views, over 22,000 likes and many responses to the chef’s question.

Naturally, many answered in the affirmative with a simple “Yes”. But several followers couldn’t overcome the possible germs associated with steak tartare. As Gordon Ramsay explains in his MasterClass article, this dish, consisting of raw meat and raw egg, poses a health risk. Of course, one TikToker wisely noted, “I mean context is everything. At 2 a.m. from a Dennys? Pass.” Obviously, who cooks your steak tartare matters. But another commenter was a bit more graphic in their opinion, humorously joking, “Brought by a joint venture between ‘Colon Blow’ and ‘Worm-B-Gone.’” Yikes.

And then there was this commenter who was negative but eloquently got his point across by asking: ‘Probably the same price as a cooked steak, why are you letting them slip away at the most important step? ” Fair point. While we definitely live by the French philosophy of “each to their taste” or “everyone has their own taste”, steak tartare is not something everyone wants as their own.

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