Where to eat and drink in Portland’s Woodstock neighborhood

Portland’s laid-back Woodstock may, in fact, be named after a now-obscure novel by Walter Scott and not the legendary rock festival, but the spirit of 69 manages to dwell here regardless. Its residents are a mix of retirees, Reed students (past and present), and young families in this still affordable part of town. The main culinary thoroughfare is a stretch of SE Woodstock Boulevard between Cesar Chavez and 52nd, with a Bi-Mart and a New Seasons – the old Portland and the new – kitty corner of each other in the center. This coming together of old and new is reflected in the neighborhood’s restaurants, bars, and cafes, which range from tried-and-tested specialty markets to burgeoning food carts and cafes.

Day-trippers will find the quiet, pedestrianized neighborhood flanked by the great parks of Woodstock and Brentwood on one side, and Reed Campus and Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden on the other; all of the above would serve as good places to dive into takeaways. As usual, this map is unclassified and sorted geographically.

Note: Health experts consider eating out to be a high-risk activity for unvaccinated people; this may pose a risk to vaccinees, especially in areas with high COVID transmission. The latest CDC guidelines are here; find a COVID-19 vaccination site here.

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To note: The restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

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