What was the cause of death of Bernard Tapie? French businessman Bernard has died at 78, net worth


Former French politician, actor and business tycoon Bernard Tapie has died at the age of 78 from stomach cancer in the past four years. Bernard was also known for his swagger and made the headlines of his career and became one of the country’s most popular famous celebrities.

he was a symbol of the best and the worst of the high speed free capitalism market. He was also known for his songs and television shows and was Minister of Municipal Affairs under the Pierre Beregovory government.

What was the cause of death of Bernard Tapie?

Bernard Tapie’s family and his wife Dominique Tapie are shocked after learning of Bernard’s death and have officially announced the death of her husband and father, Bernard Tapie. Bernard’s death was announced this Sunday, October 3, 2021.

While the family took the support of the newspaper La Provence in Marseille through a press release. His family were around him when he breathed his last and passed away peacefully. During his last visit, his wife, children and grandchildren were present, according to the statement. In the statement, it was also added that his last wish was to be buried in Marseille, which is the city of his heart.

His death spread around the world and many politicians around the world pay tribute to him and offer their condolences. While President Emmanuel Macron also reacted to his death. His office said he was the man who could move mountains and bring the moon down and never gave up on anything.

How did Bernard Tapie die?

He was born on January 29, 1943 in Paris, France, and was known as a businessman specializing in the turnaround of bankrupt companies and among all of them Adidas is one of them. He owned Adidas from 199 to 1993 and many other sports teams including cycling team La Vie Claire which won the Tour de France twice in 1985 and 1986.

While its football team, Olympique de Marseille, won the French championship four times and a Champions League in 1993. One of Tapie’s former businesses was La Vie Claire, a chain of health products stores .

He was also president of the Olympique de Marseille football club from 1986 to 1994 and the team became French champions 5 times and also won the UEFA Champions League 1992-93. In the same year, the team were accused of rigging the game between the club and other clubs.

While in 1994, he was arrested as part of a criminal investigation for complicity in corruption and witness tampering. Now his sudden death has shocked millions of people and his family as well. He will be remembered by his family.

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