What is a toaster bag and how do I use it?

These reusable parchment-shaped bags are like toaster ninjas. They house your chosen foods while cooking, preventing clutter while making the food preparation possibilities in your toaster endless.

According to Delish, not only can you use these bags to make toast neatly, but they’re also a great tool for crisping other foods. Although you can reheat your pizza on the stovetop, you can save time and time by tossing that slice in a toaster bag and putting it in the toaster. Want to reheat fries or alternatives to frying? The toaster bag will give you crispy results.

Toaster bags also provide room to experiment with other options like paninis, grilled cheeses or other sandwiches. As a rule of thumb, sitting a cheese sandwich in a toaster means running the risk of having a gooey, crumbly mess to clean up. Toaster bags hold the contents of the sandwich while toasting the bread until golden brown and crispy.

As if all that wasn’t reason enough to grab these bags, which Patch says can be used up to 50 times each, they’re also great for preventing cross-contamination in households with members who suffer from allergies. food.

With their safe and versatile uses, toaster bags are a must have for every home cook.

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