What does Danbury need? A hobby lobby

I love building models. I made cars, military vehicles, planes, dinosaurs and even replicas of famous firearms, back when they allowed the sale of these types of models. How did my interest in model building come about? Recreation Lobby.

I spent part of my childhood in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma. From 1976 to 1984, when I was 7-15 years old. Hobby Lobby was founded in Oklahoma City in 1975, and the original store was my favorite place in the world. My mom used to take us out on Saturday afternoons, and we’d wander the aisles looking for the latest Star Wars arts and crafts, or a nice painting for our house.

Photo by Big Dave

Photo by Big Dave

When I returned to Waterbury in 1984 I was so disappointed there was no Hobby Lobby here. The model selection from K-Mart, Bradlee’s and Caldor was nil compared to Hobby Lobby, even Childs World and Toys R Us, their model sections and arts and crafts departments were relegated to one aisle.

There have been arts and crafts stores that have come together over the years, like Hobby Town in New Milford, but it took Connecticut decades to finally land a Hobby Lobby.

Almost 5 years ago, Hobby Lobby opened its first Connecticut location on Farmington Ave in Bristol. I was there opening weekend and remember dropping almost $150 on the models. It’s funny, Hobby Lobby stores have such a distinct smell, like your parents’ potpourri, mixed with hints of wool and paint. Since then, Hobby Lobby has opened stores in East Haven, Milford and Manchester, Connecticut and Poughkeepsie.

Hey Hobby Lobby, Danbury needs one of you. It takes almost an hour from here to get to any of your stores. We have a very nice open sales area. Isn’t it time?

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