Video games to improve your cooking skills

Cooking video game. (Courtesy)

More often than not when we talk about video games, we imagine gory bloodbaths, muscle men with superpowers fighting each other. However, some video games are educational. Some awesome games have been developed to help your cooking skills.

Hell’s Kitchen

Don’t be fooled by the name, this is a time management cooking game, which stars celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay as an AI and places you as a chef under his direction.

There are two basic modes here, Career and Arcade. In Career mode, the player transforms his restaurant into a prestigious five-star restaurant. As their rank increases, so do their star ratings, recipes, and difficulty.

The career mode takes place over 36 days, during which the player can earn 5 unique ranks of Dishwasher, Apprentice, Junior Cook, Cook, and Senior Chef.

In arcade mode, the player must complete each recipe in time. If the player fails, Ramsay will become enraged and shut down the restaurant. The game mainly focuses on food quality and is used to calm impatient customers.


Despite the obstacles to overcome to prepare a meal at a given time, this game allows you to control chefs. You must strictly follow the ingredients, cook, serve and clean up later.

Not only does this game teach players how to cook, but it also ensures that players instill good cooking habits over time.

Final Fantasy XV

In this action game, roleplaying is known for many things and cooking is one of them. As the main protagonist, you can choose your ingredients that you like in a restaurant and you later recreate the dish in your memory camp.

You have to recreate the exact meal so that your mind is always alert to the ingredients while you enjoy your delicious meal.

mom who cooks

This cooking simulation video game lets you perform different kitchen-related tasks such as chopping vegetables, slicing meat, flipping food in pans, and skillfully dressing your mouth-watering dishes.

These roles are simply performed using the device’s controller, usually the touchscreen, and are completed in a series of mini-games that last less than ten seconds.

Gourmet chef: cook to become famous

To bring your fantastic dish to life, this should be your go-to spot. Although it doesn’t include much gameplay, you have to work your way up as a French chef in a high-end restaurant and you have to impress your restaurant’s food critics.

The better your meal, the more positive reviews you get, allowing you to move on to more complex dishes. You can actually replicate these meals in the comfort of your home with the realistic recipes on offer.

What’s cooking? With Jamie Oliver

It is a cooking video game developed by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. This particular game is almost similar to Personal Trainer above as Jamie Oliver narrates every recipe and it makes the whole process a bit more fun. It comes with 100 recipes as well as a shopping list so you can shop well whenever you want to prepare a specific meal.

city ​​of restaurants

In this game, a player manages a restaurant well and works to improve the quality of food in general. Initially, players only receive a main course, a starter and a dessert. From there, it all depends on the ingredients you can get and the choices you make.

Personal Trainer: Cooking

It’s literally a virtual cookbook. There are over 200 recipes that can be viewed at once or by country. Each recipe is listed with ingredients, preparation steps and how to cook.

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