The Space Announces Kickstarter Launch of Neovide

SINGAPORE, Sept. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Space, a team of kitchen appliance innovators, has announced the launch of a revolutionary new sous vide cooking system that makes this technique of preparing healthy foods faster, more economical and more environmentally friendly. The Neovide Sous Vide cooker eliminates the need for sous vide and water immersion bags that are required for typical sous vide cooking. Neovide, the one-step waterless sous vide cooker, simplifies the process of cooking perfect food effortlessly at home. Now everyone can enjoy sous vide meals for convenient, healthy and delicious meals. This exciting new kitchen tool is available now:

Neovide redefines sous vide cooking with a smart design that does not require sous vide or cooking in water. It accomplishes this with advanced features that precisely control cooking temperature and time. Instead of using water as a heat transfer medium, Neovide heats food directly through an electromagnetic heater and heat radiation. Combined with built-in temperature sensors and a food probe, Neovide enables truly precise temperature control. The device uses advanced algorithms to achieve precise temperature control to prevent food from being undercooked or overcooked. The system is perfect for all foods, including meats, seafood, vegetables and more.

“Today’s busy lifestyles make it harder than ever to find time to cook. It’s especially difficult to cook healthy meals that also taste great. The French sous vide cooking technique has grown in popularity in because of its ability to produce perfectly cooked meals that lock in nutrients, retain color and shape for presentation, and are tastier than other cooking methods.The problem is that until now, Sous Vide has been a method complex that required multiple steps, including preparing the food in vacuum bags. Not only was it time-consuming, but it produced unnecessary plastic waste. That’s why we created Neovide. It’s a revolutionary way to cook that doesn’t require water or a vacuum sealer and allows food to maintain its perfect shape and texture while locking in nutrients and flavor. Everyone can save time and money and cook in a way that is healthy for people and the environment.” David Tang, CEO of SpaceNeovide maker

Even for beginners, Neovide is simple and intuitive with a user-friendly interface with functions for temperature control, timer and cooking modes. It can also be used with a useful app to control the temperature setting, monitor cooking progress, create recipes and share them with friends. Neovide is also concerned about sustainability and living in harmony with the environment, and their system uses an environmentally friendly sous vide cooking method that eliminates the need for plastic sous vide bags, saving money and protect the Earth.

The revolutionary Neovide sous vide cooker makes healthy, delicious cooking easier for everyone and is available now with special offers and incentives for early adopters. To learn more, visit the campaign here:

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