‘The red thing on the rooster’s head’: Jacelyn Tay shocked after accidentally eating rooster comb at French restaurant, Lifestyle News

Jacelyn Tay may be a self-proclaimed fan of French cuisine, but she has her limits.

In a video uploaded on Sunday (March 20), the former actress documented her recent experience at Claudine, Odette’s Michelin-starred sister restaurant, and shared her unexpected reaction to a classic French dish.

While the 46-year-old and her dining companions had a fantastic time, their happiness quickly turned to shock after discovering that one of their dishes contained ingredients such as chicken liver and ridge of rooster.

“Everything you see in the video was perfect down to a dish called vol-au-vent,” Jacelyn wrote.


For the uninitiated, the vol-au-vent is a puff pastry dish with a hollow hole in the center filled with ingredients.

And in this case, the hollow hole was filled with sweetbreads, a term for the entrails of different animals like veal or lamb.

None of them had realized this and had assumed that the dish contained chicken. However, Jacelyn admitted she was suspicious as the ‘white meat’ she enjoyed ‘didn’t taste like chicken’.

A friend of his also shared the same feelings, so they decided to solve the mystery once and for all by asking one of the restaurant staff.

To their horror, they discovered that the dish they were eating included veal pancreas, chicken liver and cockscomb.

For those who don’t know what a rooster’s comb is, it’s “that red crown on the rooster’s head”, in Jacelyn’s words.


While the band were surprised, Jacelyn said she understands having such ingredients in a dish “is a cultural thing”.

“Just like Westerners couldn’t take our chicken feet treat, we just couldn’t imagine the red stuff on the rooster’s head being in our mouths,” she explained.

“I believe the authentic French like the food here, just like the Chinese like to eat pork intestines and liver.”

At the end of the day, Jacelyn still had a great time and called it a “very interesting night”.

Those who know Jacelyn know that the health coach regularly shares her thoughts on food on social media, especially when it comes to healthy eating.

Earlier this year, during the Chinese New Year period, she even dropped some helpful tips on how people can stay healthy during the feasting season.

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