The best vegan breads available at the grocery store

You might think it’s easy to find vegan bread in the grocery store. Just take a look at the ingredient list and determine if the bread contains eggs, milk, butter, or other dairy ingredients! But you should also keep an eye out for honey, royal jelly, gelatin, whey, or casein, all of which are non-vegan ingredients that beginners might miss out on.

Along with these products, there are even more science-sounding ingredients that you might not be vegan. Have you ever heard of mono- and diglycerides and lecithin? Sometimes these ingredients can be vegan, but sometimes they are not, so vegans can be careful to avoid them.

Considering the long list of ingredients you need to look out for, we’ve done the hard work for the herbal folks. Instead of standing in the bread aisle, flipping every loaf of bread, and scanning size 10 font for something that isn’t vegan, check out this list of 8 vegan breads that are probably already in your grocery store. And guess what? They are so tasty that even non-vegans will love them.

Some of these options are perfect for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a tempeh, lettuce and tomato sandwich, while others are best enjoyed with a layer of vegan butter and a little cinnamon. . Either way you slice it, this selection of vegan breads is so good and will save you a lot of time at the grocery store.

Need help adopting a plant-based diet? Check out our guide to get you started.

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Ezekiel 4: 9 Organic Frozen Sprouted Cereal Bread

You might have heard of this bread or not, but it had a real time a few years ago! The breads are made from sprouted organic grains, lentils, and fresh yeast, which gives it more calcium, fiber, iron, and protein than a regular slice.


Manna Organics Manna Fruit Nut Bread

Manna Bread offers different types of vegan bread options. There is the kind of fruit and nut in the photo, which would be perfect with sunflower butter. There are also flavors of banana nuts, carrot raisin, cinnamon date, fig, fennel and flax, multigrain, sun seed and whole rye. Yum!


Dave’s Pain Killer: 21 whole grains and seeds

Dave’s Killer Bread offers different kinds of vegan bread. The thin slices are good for an extra crispy toast, and none of the breads contain artificial ingredients.


Whole Grain Walnut Oatmeal and Brown Berry Bread

No artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup or animal products. Hello, delicious vegan bread!


Pack of 2 Take & Bake La Brea French baguettes

If you want this French bread crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, look no further than La Brea. This ‘take and cook’ style allows you to complete the cooking process at home. Warm, aromatic (and vegan!) Bread is just minutes away.


Angelic Bakehouse Half Baguette To Go

Here’s another take out option, and Angelic Bakehouse has plenty of low sodium bread products available as well.


Schär Artisan Baker Gluten Free Multigrain Bread

Need something vegan and gluten free? Schär multigrain bread and multigrain ciabatta are 100% vegan.



Need a bun for this veggie burger? Here. Plus, it’s keto! Unbun makes their product with chia, flax and pumpkin seeds.

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