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Do you like to move freely in your kitchen? Are you looking for combination equipment to minimize the use of your counter space? Do you prepare or reheat your meals yourself? Then this article is for you.

Toasters vs Toaster Ovens

Toaster ovens are very different from toasters as they have more functions such as baking, defrosting and broiling, to name a few. As a result, toaster ovens are larger in design and take up more counter space than toasters. However, they both use relatively similar amounts of electricity despite their differences in size.

The toaster oven takes longer to heat up than the toaster, but this heat can be regulated unlike most toasters which will automatically turn off at some point.

A toaster tends to overheat and can therefore be dangerous. At the same time, toaster ovens have many functions and if not used properly, they can cause accidents.

Are convection ovens and toaster ovens the same?

Both convection ovens and toaster ovens use the same cooking method which is convection. It is the method in which the heat is evenly distributed in the oven by means of a fan.

That being established, the main difference between these two is their size where a convection oven is larger than a toaster oven. This further means that the toaster oven will heat up faster and the convection oven will retain heat longer. The toaster also comes with a preset menu that makes your cooking experience easier. If you are looking to reduce your energy consumption, the toaster oven is the solution. It will also reduce your electricity bill compared to using the convection oven.

Is a toaster oven worth it?

A toaster oven takes up less space in your kitchen, uses less electricity and heats up faster than an oven. It has more functions than the toaster, and it’s a good investment.

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