The best cut of steak, according to Jacques Pépin

If there’s any doubt about which cut of steak French celebrity chef and TV host Jacques Pépin prefers, let’s clear it up right away: he loves the New York strip. In an episode of his KQED show “Today Gourmet with Jacques Pépin” from 1991, the chef slices a steak from a rib of beef which he is going to prepare in a red wine sauce. “For the steak we’re making today, we’re getting the best cut of meat: it’s a New York strip,” he told the camera.

In a video of the chef grilling a steak on Food & Wine, Pepin again grabs a whole loin which he cuts into New York strip loin. “I have a nice steak here,” said Pépin. “It’s New York Striploin or Striploin…definitely the best.”

Pépin’s YouTube show, “Home Cooking with Jacques Pépin”, featured the chef preparing New York Striploin with Mushroom Skillet Sauce in 2020. Over the years, Pépin has remained true to this cuts, saying in the video that he prefers it to other trendy steals like bone-in rib eye or “cowboy steak”. “I’d rather have that. It’s really good.” So the next time you want to channel the great Jacques Pépin at a steak night, do as he does and choose the best New York strip you can find.

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