The absurd reason McDonald’s employee was assaulted with a French fries shovel


The recent McDonald’s fries attack is just one of many examples of how fights between customers and fast food workers have grown increasingly violent amid the worker shortage. And, sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better anytime soon. According to a recent report by National Association of Restaurateurs, 4 in 5 American restaurants report being understaffed, many struggling to find enough manpower to meet customer demand.

In addition to limiting opening hours, some restaurants are responding to the shortage by reducing the number of service employees at any given time (via the Washington post). And, with fewer people around working the fryer, handling the cash register, and packing orders, that means fast food restaurants might struggle to be, too. quick as they once were.

While it is not known exactly how long the woman actually waited for her McDonald’s fries, it seems the vast majority of people would agree that her reaction was misplaced. Under a message about the incident shared on Facebook Per a Nashville news station, several commentators expressed their horror at the woman’s behavior in the face of such a minor inconvenience, with many describing her actions as “authorized” and “disgusting.” Another reviewer criticized the customer’s complete lack of awareness of the plight of employees, concluding with: “If you don’t want to have to wait, I suggest you prepare your own food.”

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