The 18 best books by chefs and culinary writers to read in 2021



  • The memoirs of chefs and culinary writers focus on the importance of food in our lives.
  • They are full of mouth-watering food descriptions and often include a few recipes.
  • From legendary chefs to culinary superstars, these are the best food-related memories.

Memories can transport readers to the lives of amazing people, but food memories take us directly to their kitchens. Chefs and food writers weave their personal stories through memorable meals and sweaty shifts to provide readers with easy-to-devour life lessons and trivia.

I chose these recommendations because they highlight a unique aspect of the culinary world – from classic cuisines in France to adrenaline-filled dinners in New York City – while using mouth-watering descriptions to show how we’re all connected through food. You don’t have to be a self-proclaimed “foodie” or a stellar home cook to love these books; they’re perfect for any reader interested in the secrets behind the swinging kitchen doors of their favorite restaurant. Whether it’s the memoirs of a legendary chef or the coming-of-age story of a new culinary voice, we hope you find the perfect read in our list of chefs and cookbooks. culinary writers.

The 18 best books by chefs and culinary writers


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