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The following menus for area schools October 11-15 have been submitted by Food Service Supervisors. Menus are subject to change.



MONDAY: Barbecue rib burger, sweet potato fries, pineapple chunks, apple, cinnamon sugar cookie.

TUESDAY: Meatloaf or shepherd’s pie, mashed potatoes, green beans, whole grain mini cookie, applesauce, plums.

WEDNESDAY: Red, beans and rice with sausage, cooked carrots, cornbread, pears, orange.

THURSDAY: Autumn break.

FRIDAY: Autumn break.


MONDAY: Raisin or chocolate croissant rolls, cheese sticks, apricots.

TUESDAY: Sausage, egg and cheese wrap or cheese toast, yogurt pot, pineapple chunks, apple.

WEDNESDAY: Breaded chicken cookie, chocolate graham cookies, applesauce, plums.

THURSDAY: Autumn break.

FRIDAY: Autumn break.

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MONDAY: Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots, apple, whole wheat buns.

TUESDAY: Beef burrito, Spanish rice, roasted potatoes, oranges.

WEDNESDAY: Chicken spaghetti, garden salad, peaches, bread stick.

THURSDAY: Chicken Alfredo, broccoli, fruit bowl, creamy berry dip.

FRIDAY: Barbecue chicken nachos, cup of taco salad, red beans, apple crumble.


MONDAY: Pancakes, syrup, pears, milk.

TUESDAY: French toast, peaches.

WEDNESDAY: Casserole of hash browns, sliced ​​potatoes, gravy.

THURSDAY: Sausage cookie, mixed fruit.

FRIDAY: Waffle, yogurt, peach dunkers.



MONDAY: Autumn break.

TUESDAY: Autumn break.

WEDNESDAY: Cajun rice and red beans, glazed carrots, cornbread muffins, diced pears.

THURSDAY: Spaghetti, broccoli and cheese, cantaloupe, Italian roll.

FRIDAY: Beef and cheese tacos, Ranchero beans, cantaloupe, sugar cookie.


MONDAY: Autumn break.

TUESDAY: Autumn break.

WEDNESDAY: Brown sugar cinnamon oatmeal, cinnamon toast, apple slices.

THURSDAY: Eggtravaganza breakfast, buttered toast, fruit cocktail.

FRIDAY: Assortment of crunchy cereals, red apples.



MONDAY: Teacher in post

TUESDAY: Breakfast pizza with bacon, tater triangles,

WEDNESDAY: Fruit and granola parfait,

THURSDAY: Confetti pancakes, red grapes.

FRIDAY: McGriddle, Rice Krispies treat, tangerine cup.


MONDAY: Teacher in post.

TUESDAY: Fried chicken steak, yeast buns, mashed potatoes with red garlic, broccoli, baked beans.

WEDNESDAY: Meatball submarine, Grahamz birthday cake, cucumber slices and celery sticks, fried fries.

THURSDAY: Baked chicken, rice, green beans, apple glazed sweet potatoes, raspberry cup, cantaloupe.

FRIDAY: Cheese pizza, mix of roasted Mediterranean vegetables, broccoli and cheese, sliced ​​peaches.

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MONDAY: Salisbury steak with sauce, rice, green beans, yams, bun, tangerines.

TUESDAY: Sloppy Joe, baked beans, pickle, oranges.

WEDNESDAY: Chicken fingers, corn, buttered carrots, roll, pineapple.

THURSDAY: Spaghetti, green salad, Texas toast, apple.

FRIDAY: Hot sandwich with ham and cheese, small crunchies, steamed broccoli, peaches.


MONDAY: SweetBoli, Crunch, tangerine.

TUESDAY: Big muffin, pineapple.

WEDNESDAY: Waffle and sausage sandwich, mixed fruit.

THURSDAY: Scrambled bacon, peaches.

FRIDAY: Mini cinnamon roll, yogurt, pears.



MONDAY: No school.

TUESDAY: Sloppy Joe on whole wheat bread, potato rings, green lima beans, fruit.

WEDNESDAY: Pinto beans and sausages with rice, mustard greens, orange wedges, whole wheat cornbread.

THURSDAY: Chicken and sausage okra, steamed rice, potato salad, seasoned green beans, peach crunch.

FRIDAY: Chili chicken or beef nachos, corn on the cob, ranch-style beans, apple wedges.


MONDAY: No school.

TUESDAY: Waffles, fruits.

WEDNESDAY: Scrambled egg, cookie, strawberry and banana.

THURSDAY: Assorted cereals, buttered whole grain toast, pineapple chunks.

FRIDAY: Cinnamon roll, hash browns, chilled peaches.


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