Supporting Women-Owned Businesses During Women’s History Month: Salt & Bubbles

ESSEX JUNCTION, Vermont (WCAX) – Drink wine. Break the bread. Share the community. That’s the motto of the Salt & Bubbles Wine Bar and Market.

Kayla Silver opened Salt & Bubbles in June 2021. She says her mission is pretty simple. She wanted to create a space for people who love wine to relax and just enjoy it.

“I most often notice people faltering by saying, ‘Well, I like wine but I’m not a wine connoisseur,’” Silver said. “And wanting to create a space that was really accessible and made people feel at home, and that the wine was just kind of something that they could also enjoy and feel part of as well.”

Silver says that at Salt & Bubbles they focus on small production, family and sustainable viticulture. They also aim to introduce wine lovers to products they may not be familiar with.

“Expanding horizons beyond Napa California Chardonnay and French Cabernet and Bordeaux,” Silver said. “People are usually familiar with some of these big name categories, but we want to tell you about Chilean wine. We want to tell you about Georgian wine.

Although they also sell men’s products, Silver says, as a women-owned business, they primarily source wine from other female entrepreneurs.

“We work with Rosie’s Confections in Winooski. We work with many women winegrowers. We work with a baker who makes a lot of our desserts,” Silver said. “When there’s an opportunity to represent some really amazing women-owned and women-led products, I don’t really see why we wouldn’t.”

Silver says that in the last nine months that Salt & Bubbles has been in business, she has felt great support from the community. She hopes that she and other women entrepreneurs will continue to get the recognition they deserve.

“There’s definitely a feminine energy here a lot of the time. That being said, we definitely want all of our male wine friends to come in, but just that it’s a female-owned room, we love who we are,” siad Silver.

Salt & Bubbles is located inside the Essex Experience.

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