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Almost everyone loves a good New York grocery store, but judging by my mailbox, a lot of people around Louisville don’t know where to go to find one. Here’s the bad news: Sadly, purists will have to travel 110 miles to eat at Shapiro’s Deli in Indianapolis.

But if you’re not 100% authentic and ready to indulge yourself with consistently high-quality New York-style cuisine, with a mix of Jewish and Italian traditions and a distinct accent from Louisville, here’s your option: you can ‘Don’t go wrong with Stevens & Stevens Delicatessen, the popular 30-year-old deli tucked away at the back of Ditto’s restaurant on Bardstown Road.

You can get pastrami or corned beef stacked on top of homemade wheat or rye here. You can get a Ruben! You can get big spears of dill pickles. But you can also get ham, a delicacy that probably won’t appear in a traditional Jewish grocery store. You can mix meat and dairy, another no-no kosher. And while you can have your charcuterie sandwich on your choice of rye, wheat, white, French, challah, brioche, or ciabatta, I’m afraid you’re going to be hungry while waiting for a bagel or bialy here.

Let’s not look at the downside. Stevens & Stevens is an excellent delicatessen. Glad to drop by here and get a taste of almost New York just about anytime.

The Woody Allen is a classic New York deli sandwich, peppered beef pastrami on rye bread, both homemade.

The menu is also extensive, with over 60 deli sandwiches, many named after New York and Hollywood celebrities Henny Youngman, Seinfeld and Spielberg, as well as Dr Zhivago, Joan of Arc and the Ghost of the Opera! They’re subdivided by content: corned beef, pastrami, turkey, ham, vegetables and cheese, roast beef, chicken and fish, and that doesn’t even count dozens of delicacies to choose from in chilled salads and desserts.

The price is also pretty reasonable compared to a Gotham deli, with most sandwiches ranging from $ 4.25 (for hot grilled cheddar on your choice of bread) to $ 14.95 (for a few robust Reubens or the decidedly cross-cultural. ). pastrami banh mi).

For an even better deal, do like us and take advantage of the Pick Two special, which offers half a sandwich and your choice of soup, salad or pasta for just $ 9.95.

The Woody Allen is a classic New York deli sandwich, a peppery beef pastrami over rye. Even the half order made a big meal. The thinly sliced ​​pastrami was stacked on top of thick, half-oval slices of light rye sprinkled with caraway seeds; the crispy, slightly chewy pastrami and rye are homemade and well done. The pastrami lifted the beef up with flavors of wood smoke and aromatic black pepper and more subtle notes of other spices, maybe just a whiff of cloves. It was an estimable pastrami, as good as any we’ve enjoyed in New York. It was also a simple, unstuffed brisket on dry bread; we had to go back and collect the aluminum pouches of Gray Poupon that we had failed to request in line. (If you go, five other pastrami offerings involve more enticing combinations of meats, vegetables, and cheese.)

The Mid-City Underground Sandwich offered a fabulous meatless alternative. Vegetarian but not vegan, this is a thoughtfully designed combination of five vegetables and two cheeses – lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, cabbage and carrots, in particular, with sliced ​​Jarlsberg and green onion cream cheese on bread. thick homemade wheat with tangy lemon dill mayonnaise. a tub next to it. Now, if you’re a die-hard meat eater, the idea of ​​a meatless sandwich might get bored. But this one is carefully crafted into a mouthwatering mix of textures – crunchy, soft, chewy veggies – lavished with the earthy flavor of Jarlsberg, fresh dairy, and green onion aromas of cream cheese. Spicy herbal notes of mayonnaise and fresh, clean yeast and wheat bread complete the sandwich. It’s like having an orchestra of flavors on your plate, and I would definitely do it again.

Maharaja Salad is a winning mix of Israeli couscous, parsley, onion, feta and more.

Our soups on the Pick Two offer were simple and comforting, served in lightweight plastic foam bowls with undersized plastic teaspoons.

The chicken noodle soup was full of tender chicken pieces, thick slices of long simmered carrots and short lengths of square noodles in a rich golden broth sprinkled with oil droplets.

The vegetarian vegetable soup, a special soup of the day, was delicious, containing a pantry of mixed vegetables – green beans, white beans, chunks of tomatoes, carrot rings, onions and yellow corn kernels – in a delicious smoked broth. and spicy which delivered a surprising but appealing hot pepper punch.

The Maharaja Salad ($ 1.75) was a delicious side dish from the deli counter. It included tender and chewy Israeli couscous, chopped fresh parsley, diced earthy feta cheese, chopped red onion, and a wedge of ripe red cherry tomato dressed in a savory dressing.

A dessert case chess bar ($ 1.50) made a delicious dessert to go. A crispy crust was topped with three-quarters of an inch of sweet and egg chess filling and drizzled with dark chocolate. If we had eaten it in the store, we probably would have taken seconds or thirds.

A hearty lunch for two cost $ 24.54, plus $ 5 for the tip pot. •

Stevens & Stevens delicatessen
1114 Bardstown Road


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