Six changes for residents in France in June 2022

A new month brings new changes in France: we summarize the key events to note in June. There is also a public holiday on Whit Monday (June 6), although some companies may choose to continue working.

Residents of French departments from 54 have until June 8 to complete their online income tax declaration.

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The deadlines for other departments and non-residents fell on May 24 and 31.

You will find more information and tips for completing your tax return in our guide Income tax in France, priced at €14.90.

French legislative elections, sometimes called the “third round” of the presidential election, will take place on June 12 and 19.

French citizens will vote for deputies (deputies) to represent their region, who will take office on June 28.

The result of this election is not at all certain since Jean-Luc Mélenchon of La France Insoumise – who came third in the first round of the presidential election – called on the public to give him a chance to be appointed Prime Minister by giving candidates affiliated with it a parliamentary majority.

The president decides who is prime minister, but often appoints someone from the majority in the National Assembly if his own party does not win a majority.

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Insurance companies and banks will be obliged from June 1 to post tables on their websites reflecting the administrative fees they apply to certain accounts and policies.

This will be the case for life insurance (life insurance) cover and retirement savings plans (PER) retirement savings plan.

Administration or account management fees (management fees) are recurrent costs representing a total of approximately 0.5 to 1% of the sum paid to the insurer or the bank. The money is taken to pay for the operational activities of the company with respect to the policy.

This new measure, initially proposed by the Minister of Finance Bruno Le Maire, aims to improve the transparency of life insurance and PER rates.

People who have had cancer or hepatitis C in the past will start to have an easier time getting home loans from this month, thanks to a law passed in February.

This will enable them to obtain a loan under the same conditions as other borrowers who have not had the same health conditions, as early as five years after their entry into remission.

The new law will also remove the requirement for former cancer and hepatitis patients to complete a health questionnaire for loans below €200,000.

Workers have until June 30 to use the old meal voucher restaurant tickets with an expense of up to €38 per day, even on weekends and public holidays.

This measure was first introduced in June 2020 to increase the number of diners in restaurants following the disruption of the first Covid lockdown, and was subsequently extended twice.

This allowed the State to “continue to support the catering sector, whose activity remains impacted by the pandemic and the restrictions taken to combat it”.

From June 13, people who have requested the opening of a bank account but have not received a response within 15 days will be able to contact the Banque de France directly.

They must send proof of their application to the bank(s) where they attempted to open an account, which will normally include a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

The Banque de France will then select a bank near you, this establishment will then have three days to indicate to the applicant the documents to be produced.

This bank will not be obliged to open an account for the person concerned, but if it rejects the request, it will have to justify its decision to the Banque de France.

This new measure will be accessible to all residents of France or of another EU Member State, as well as to French people residing abroad.

Anyone residing in France has the right to open a bank account.

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