Single Booking: Tailor – In Kansas City



All photos by Aaron Leimkuehler

HEather White and Amante Domingo have captured the hearts of Kansas residents with The Russell, their rustic and laid-back downtown restaurant. Now the duo are proving their versatility with Tailleur, a romantic European bistro that recently opened in the same neighborhood.

Despite its novelty, Tailleur feels lived in and loved, thanks to a collection of paintings, gold framed mirrors and dozens of other antiques and curiosities that decorate the space, stretching from the first floor to the second level. respondent. Dark woodwork and ink-blue walls give the dining room a moody atmosphere that becomes dreamy in the flickering light of candles and the soft glow of lamps. A table where a white-haired couple celebrate their birthdays later hosts a couple who appear to be meeting for the first time, pointing out that if Tailor isn’t already at the top of your date list, he should be.

The aesthetic is partly a French salon and partly an equestrian trophy room, with riding boots and other accessories dotted throughout. The large amount of items associated with the restaurant’s layout – the bakery counter and shelves filled with crockery extend right into the dining room – can make one feel a bit at home. narrow, European style. But they also clearly express a point of view that so many new restaurants are sidestepping in favor of bland style and there’s nothing bland about Tailleur.

Rack of lamb

The crowd is large and noisy on a weekday evening, and it is no coincidence that many tables share bottles of wine or champagne. Guests interested in soaking up can choose from a short list of beers and wines as well as a sparkling red sangria, part of the restaurant’s one-page menu that also includes entrees and desserts.

Soups, salads and entrees include a daily soup; thin and crispy fries; a Caesar with a Scottish egg; and a French classic, the Niçoise salad. Steamed mussels are an obvious choice, and although they are made with garlic and wine, the dish is surprisingly mustard. The generous portion is served with crostini, but don’t hesitate and order the bread basket to soak up the excess juice or enjoy it on your own. The chewy slices of French bread and savory onion rolls are a delicious start to the dining experience, especially smeared with garlic and herb butter. The condiment is aggressive in the best way, showcasing the bold essence of garlic with just enough of its bite for a spread so potent it’s a mealtime star.

The compound butter gives a little of its magic to the duck confit, where parts of the skin have become almost jammy due to the rendering in fat. The bird’s meat practically melts off the bone, and its richness pairs well with the side salad and the accompanying fingerling potatoes – simple sides that help mash up the dish. The Berkshire pork chop is less successful. While topped with a rich black cherry and pepper sauce, there’s no doubt the pork is slightly overcooked and the texture drops the otherwise tasty appetizer. Instead, look for options like the beef brisket bistro burger with sundried tomato aioli; roasted salmon with polenta and pan jus with garlic and thyme; or the French dip with horseradish cream.

Nice salmon

After the exceptional bread, how can you miss out on Tailleur’s other pastries for dessert, especially when there are so many to choose from? Lemon curd pies, enticing bourbon brownies, and delicious dark chocolate cakes are tempting, but lose out on 24 karrot cake. The dessert – which isn’t actually a slice of cake at all, but a robust cupcake – is nicely spicy but eats a bit heavy without the layers of cream cheese frosting you would find in a traditional version of the cake.

Still, it makes a sweet last impression. But wait! The dish has surprising competition as the meal wraps up and the check is presented in a most unusual and charming way, nestled between the pages of a worn-out book.

The experience of paying a bill has never been so fancy or thoughtful. The same could be said of dining at Le Tailleur, a restaurant in its first fantastic chapter.


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