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Registration for the August Food $ to $ e program – open to anyone, regardless of income – will take place at the Lake Delta Fire Department and Karing Kitchen in Oneida.

All sites will follow CDC guidelines, requiring masks and social distancing. Holland Patent Presbyterian Church will resume accepting Food $ to $ e orders in August.

Food $ en $ e is a discounted food program offered by the Central New York Food Bank. Everyone is welcome to participate. There are no income criteria.

The unit cost of $ 20.50 is payable at the time of registration in cash or food stamps. Multiple units can be purchased. There are also extras that can be purchased with or without the base unit. Registrations are scheduled at:

• Participants in the City of Lee program can place their orders on Friday, July 30, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and Saturday August 7 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Lake Delta Fire Department, 8508 Elmer Hill Road. Those who usually participate in the Rome UMC program are encouraged to use this program at this time. Orders can be picked up on Friday, August 27, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, call 315-336-0742 or 315-358-4150.

• Karing Kitchen, 116 West Grove St., Oneida, accepts orders by appointment only – call 315-280-0869.

August package includes ground beef, stir-fry pork, chicken drumsticks, pollock fillets, hot dogs, cheddar cheese, fresh macaroni salad, fries, fudge brownies, corn in canned food and two fresh products.

August specials

Special offers, which can be purchased in addition to the package or separately, are:

Italian meatballs, 5 lbs for $ 14: fully cooked

Pulled pork, 1 pound for $ 6.50: fully cooked and in Carolina barbecue sauce

Lobster Bites, 15 ounces for $ 5: can be fried or baked

Pantry Box for $ 11: Includes toasted oat cereal (12 ounces), pancake mix (32 ounces), macaroni and cheese (7.25 ounces), canned chicken (5 ounces), macaroni and beef (15 ounces), peanut butter (18 ounces), raspberry jam (18 oz.), canned pears (15 ounces), scalloped potatoes (4.7 ounces) and corn canned (15 ounces)

Mozzarella sticks, 2 pounds for $ 6.50: pre-baked and ready for the oven

Stuffed shells, 4 pounds for $ 6: stuffed with a ricotta cheese filling

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