Should restaurants offer monthly subscriptions?



Can you imagine going to a restaurant once a day and having a meal without paying for it before the end of the month?

Has this ever happened to you before? You sleep while you’re awake and you’re late for work, so you skip breakfast to be on time. The day starts off badly, but you know it will pick up after you can escape and have lunch at your favorite restaurant nearby. You forgot breakfast, so of course you forgot lunch as well. You arrive at the restaurant and are ready to order only to realize that you forgot your wallet in your rush. It’s a rookie mistake but it happens. When it does, you have no choice but to try and collect money from a coworker.

What if you don’t have to? What if you had a guaranteed meal every day?

It sounds like a crazy fantasy, but it could be done. It is indeed in the process of being done.

According to United States today, Taco Bell has launched a service like this. It’s called the Taco Pass and for a monthly subscription you can get one free taco every day for 30 days.

I know fast food has a higher profit margin, but could local pizzerias and bars offer a similar service?

It can even reduce waiting times.

I hope this is a possibility and I am wondering which restaurant will be the next to offer a subscription service for their food.

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