Rick Ross gifted teenage son a Wingstop restaurant for his birthday

Rick Ross is best known for his hit songs and hard hip-hop image. But rapper “Hustlin ‘” is also a hardworking entrepreneur, with several Wingstop restaurants to his name. He even gave his 16-year-old son the responsibility of one of Wingstop’s locations as a birthday present.

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Rick Ross owns over 20 Wingstop locations

Ross has been working on his dreams since he was 13, washing cars in his neighborhood. Today he has more than 20 different Wingstop locations, among other companies.

Ross opened up about his support for Wingstop in a June 2021 interview with Complex.

“Well, first and foremost my personal passion for it hasn’t waned, in all the years I’ve loved Wingstop,” he said honestly. “See, I always say it like it’s the first time I’ve had it. And when I eat Wingstop, it’s always like the first time I’ve eaten it.

“And on the business side, when I went to sit down with CEO Charlie Morrison, he knew I had no experience as a franchisee,” he continued. “He knew I didn’t have time to sit in a franchise, but he saw my vision and my passion. He opened the doors for me. He didn’t just let me follow my dreams. He let me take it to that next level.

In 2021, he helped the company launch Thighstop, a way for the company to deal with the chicken wing shortage.

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Rick Ross gave his son a Wingstop restaurant for his birthday

In September 2021 Ross’s son turned 16 and instead of gifting him a luxury car or watch Ross gave him one of his Wingstop franchise locations.

In an interview on The truthRoss said it was crucial for him to establish a sense of responsibility and business acumen in his son.

“It was most important for me, of course, to make sure he understood entrepreneurship, working for yours is the basis for being a man,” he said. “What mattered most to me was that he entered and left Wingstop from the age of 4 to 5 watching me chase my dreams. It was my way of rewarding him. “

“I would go to the Wingstop and I would pick up a broom, I would sweep, [and] I am watching him [and said] “You’re going to get the dustpan,” he laughed, thinking back to his early days as a franchise owner. “This is what is important: there is nothing wrong with having your own personal desires. “

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Rick Ross’s other business ventures

Ross’s work with Wingstop is just one of his many sources of income today. In 2009, he founded his label Maybach Music Group. Over the years, the label has boasted of Meek Mill, Wale and French Montana on their list.

He amassed a considerable personal fortune through years of hard work: $ 40 million and more.

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