Revealed: Hollywood star who voices Percy Pig for M&S Christmas commercial


Percy Pig has left his farm friends in their bag of goodies, as he comes to life in the festive Christmas commercial from Marks and Spencers.

Spider-Man Tom Holland left his canvas and mask behind to take on his final role, the voice of the pig character.

“Greatest Ever” Christmas Campaign

While it may be on the verge of giving up, on December 17, M&S used the Hollywood A-lister to create an “anything but ordinary” ad campaign.

The luxury supermarket chose Holland and another famous British actor “his greatest Christmas ever”, in an attempt to outdo rival John Lewis.

Percy appears in the commercial for the Christmas food line, where he comes to life after a magic wand from a fairy played by another well-known British actor, Dawn French.

Percy and the Fairy voiced by Tom Holland and Dawn French (Photo: M&S)

The Percy ad was posted on November 3, the same night John Lewis revealed it was the “Together in Electric Dreams” ad.

However, M&S will run two commercials over the next eight weeks – an advertisement for a clothing line that encourages customers to have an “anything but ordinary” Christmas, continuing its marketing slogan from the start of the year.

The fairy and the pig roam an M&S food store, the store decorated with some of the stores’ party foods – from three-chocolate panettone to “golden blonde Christmas pudding.”

M&S markets a triple chocolate panettone as part of its 2021 festive range

“Bring some magic”

Before the ad aired, Holland said, “I have loved Percy Pigs for as long as I can remember, and when I was asked to be his voice – his very first voice – it took me less time. ‘one second to say yes. “

Percy Pigs are exclusive to M&S and the sweet treat has continued to expand its merchandise – now including children’s baskets, bedding and pajamas.

The Percy brand has generated £ 50million in revenue for M&S in the past year, up from around £ 20million three years ago.

M&S Food Marketing Director Sharry Cramond said the retailer used Percy to “bring some magic” to people’s Christmas celebrations after the pandemic acted like the Grinch who stole Christmas.

Both campaigns are part of M&S broader efforts to change perceptions of the company as part of its long-term transformation plan.

The group said its marketing efforts have focused on families as it seeks to reshape its aging customer base.

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