Restaurant marks September 26-30

Oct. 6 – Weekly assessments of Limestone County food/lodging facilities by the Limestone County Health Department for the week of Sept. 26-30. The report includes the history of critical items.

—Golden Phoenix, 516 Hwy 72 W, Athens- 87

— Grease skimmer with threads broken in use – scrapped (reduced)

—Shrimp 53 degrees, cabbage 53 degrees, beef 50 degrees

—On return- chicken 41 degrees, tomato 40 degrees, shrimp 41 degrees (slaughtered)

—Jack’s #220, 307 US Hwy 31 N, Athens – 87

—Food debris found on several pans in a clean warehouse

—The employee observed washing a utensil in the sink. The employee has been educated and the utensil has been rewashed appropriately

—Burrito Express, 220 French Farms Blvd. S, Athens – 92

—Several skimmers with broken wires. Several plastic containers in a clean warehouse with food debris – discarded and rewashed (reduced)

—Mia’s Cafe, 30694 US Hwy 72, Madison-93

– Skimmer with broken wire and whisks with food debris in clean storage – removed and cleaned (reduced)

—Touchdown Wings, 935 US Hwy 72 E, Athens – 95

—Whitt’s Barbecue 1-A, Inc., 525 S Marion St., Athens- 95

—McDonald Playcare Inc., 14484 Bledsoe Rd., Athens- 96

—Athens Express Liquor LLC, 802 US Hwy 72, Athens-97

—Subway #49408 YASHI INC, 100 US Hwy 31 S, Athens- 97

—Revive Cafe, 102 N Clinton St., Athens- 98

—Yoon Corporation dba Wow Donuts, 11156 County Line Road, Madison-98

—Athens Limestone Hospital, 700 W Market St., Athens- 99

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