Restaurant foods that always taste better than what you make at home

Is there anything better than a barbecue in the garden or a summer barbecue? Friends, the smell of your grill, and hot summer days always create a sweet nostalgia, but there’s something about food that’s never quite what you want it to be. But what differentiates restaurant burgers from homemade burgers?

The first thing is that restaurants probably use different beef than yours, especially if you buy pre-made patties from the supermarket. Chefs pay attention to what a cow has eaten in its lifetime. For example, meat from cows that ate soy, corn, and other sugary foods is sweeter. So many restaurants source grass-fed or grass-finished beef.

Next, chefs think about the amount of fat in their burger mixes. Restaurants with great burgers often use meat with 20-25% fat, resulting in a juicier burger. Another critical element of moisture retention is how they cook their burgers. They use meat thermometers to check that they don’t serve undercooked meat. Plus, by not pressing down on their burgers while they cook on a flat top, chefs can be sure they’re great every time.

Of course, flavor isn’t limited to how restaurants prepare their burgers. Seasoning the outside of the patty just before cooking maintains the ideal burger texture without sacrificing flavor. Finally, the chefs carefully select toppings like cheeses and buns in different combinations to create unique and delicious burgers.

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