Restaurant cracks down on COVID, vaccination mandate is unwelcome in France



Beach Bistro takes the right track in the event of a pandemic

About “A local restaurant at the water’s edge now requires that customers be vaccinated” July 31: Congratulations to Sean Murphy, owner of the Beach Bistro, for caring more about the health and safety of his customers than the profits.

By also requiring all workers to be vaccinated (as Michael’s on East and other restaurants have done recently), diners will feel safer and more comfortable, and can enjoy their meals more.

States began banning smoking inside restaurants when medical evidence showed second-hand smoke was harmful to others. Sitting next to unmasked and unvaccinated people in crowded restaurants also puts customers at risk of a widespread and deadly disease.

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Murphy once had a confrontation with a client about his immunization needs. However, he reports that most diners seem grateful and grateful, and he has been rewarded with increased sales. Other restaurateurs should take note: if you build a safe environment, we’ll come.

Larry Beck, osprey

Macron, a bad model for the governor

Roger Brown’s July 27 column praising French President Emmanuel Macron and denigrating Governor Ron DeSantis left out the fact that Macron’s policies on COVID-19 resulted in protests by 200,000 protesters in Paris and elsewhere. French cities (“Gov. DeSantis needs a French course on the management of the unvaccinated.).

The videos didn’t make it look peaceful. I guess they don’t agree with your “awakened” science.

The Herald-Tribune should stick to the facts and not continue to promote pro-Democrats.

Thomas Jendrysik, Sarasota

Critical Biles Ignoring Mental Illness

I was absolutely appalled at the lack of empathy shown by the author of the August 1 letter “Biles and the ungrateful generation. “ She clearly never suffered from any form of mental illness.

Immediately linking the withdrawal of gymnast Simone Biles from Olympic competition to her belonging to an “ungrateful, unpatriotic, abused and spoiled†generation clearly demonstrates the writer’s ignorance of the many manifestations and dangers that come from mental illness.

Biles participates in a sport that requires extreme precision. Distracted or improperly executed movement could cause serious injury or death. She alone knows her body and her mind.

In consultation with medical experts, it was ruled that she should withdraw from some Olympic events, rather than risk her personal safety.

Michael Phelps, the most decorated athlete in Olympic history, has a well-documented history of battling mental illness. Phelps applauded Biles’ decision, predicting his move “would open up this mental health issue even further.”

Let’s hope so! Maybe if so, the letter writer will understand better about mental health and the fact that it has nothing to do with being part of “that ‘awake’ group.

Paul E. White, Sarasota

A case shows why the common good comes before everything

Typhoid Mary, Mary Mallon, was the first person in America identified as an asymptomatic spreader of a fatal disease. She was the cook responsible for much of the typhoid epidemic in New York City.

Mallon refused to give urine samples for testing. In 1907, she had to be arrested for quarantine.

Defenders for Mallon have argued that she could give assurances upon her release that she will change careers and take hygienic precautions to protect others. (She never washed her hands.) They took it away; she was released.

Using false names, Mallon resumed cooking, frequently changing jobs with outbreaks of typhoid. When she was found in 1915, she was working in a hospital kitchen in the midst of a typhoid epidemic. She spent the rest of her life in forced quarantine.

Had he lived back then, Governor Ron DeSantis would have led his advocates, fighting for Typhoid Mary’s “right†to refuse typhoid testing; his “right” to practice his deadly culinary skills; his “right†not to wash his hands (masking was not a problem at the time); and his “right” to continue to spread typhoid.

The rights sometimes collide. The rights of the common good must prevail.

Carol DeChant, Sarasota

Librarian rescuers during the COVID crisis

I would like to say Thank you to employees of the Sarasota County Library System for their innovative ways to get books to us during the pandemic.

Thank you to the librarians who showed up for work every day. Thank you for having a “help†librarian on duty. Being able to get books saved my life while I waited for my shots.

Thanks to the county for maintaining the grounds of the Venice library – the fountain

and the plantations are beautiful. The new striping is useful in this narrow aisle.

This is the best use of my taxes!

Ruth Boysworth, Venice


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