Renovations underway at the new “Jersey Mike’s” location in Bangor


Last fall, we told you that popular submarine sandwich shop “Jersey Mike’s Subs” was expanding its franchise, once again, from its headquarters in New Jersey to four other locations here in Maine.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Tight Front courtesy of Liz Leavitt

One of these proposed locations was in the old Elevation Burger building in 479 Stillwater Avenue in Bangor.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Sign courtesy of Liz Leavitt

This new location is in the same area as Hobby Lobby, Buffalo Wild Wings and the recently opened Smoke and Steel BBQ restaurant.

Jersey Mike’s Subs side photo courtesy of Liz Leavitt

A quick walk through the parking lot this week, you can see that while the restaurant signs are in place, there are still quite a few renovations going on in the current building.

Jersey Mike’s Subs, Cori Skall

There are piles of building materials parked in front of the store front. And if you look inside the store, it’s been completely emptied. It would seem that the plan is to redesign the whole space.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Front, courtesy of Liz Leavitt

While there has not yet been an opening date made public, a representative from Jersey Mike’s Subs said this:

“This store is still in development. Please stay tuned for more details! “

The franchise is also working to open stores in Saco, Topsham and Brunswick. According to their website, the company has more than 2,000 locations nationwide.

“Jersey Mike’s franchise has 2,034 branches open and many more in development across the United States every week. “

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