Rapper Mic Capes’ Favorite Restaurants, Bars & Food Carts in Portland



When Portland-raised rapper Mic Capes was growing up in St. Johns, he and his friends scoured Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood for burritos – King Burrito, Rose City Taqueria, and beloved Tienda Santa Cruz. “I think food is more of a big deal now,†Capes says. “Growing up in St. Johns, we used to go to Mexican restaurants there, but we ate at home most of the time. My mother cooked a parcel. “

Capes, known for his albums Concrete dreams and Cold Blood, Vol. 1 and singles like “Well Known†and “No Moreâ€, are surrounded by good cooks, who are also the women of his life: his mother, Aunt Faye and Aunt Lodie would do things like gumbo, etouffee and 7- Until cake throughout his life. But when Capes now craves Cajun and Creole cuisine, he heads to Southeast Portland’s Mumbo Gumbo Cart for shrimp and grits. “I’m not a cook,†he laughs. “I don’t have the patience, man.”

Instead, Capes found his favorite places to grab a bite between shows or recording sessions: Swift Lounge for an after-show drink, the Hawthorne Asylum pod for a midweek lunch and a snowball. from Hana’s PDX when it needs to cool off.

Now that he’s gearing up to return to theaters – he’s heading to Fixin ‘To in September and just released a new single – Capes has shared a few of his favorite places to eat and drink in Portland, St. Johns to the southeast:

Breakfast: sauce, mother and jam on Hawthorne
“I’m not a big breakfast guy (I prefer cereal, lol), but if I have breakfast it’s at Gravy’s, Mother’s or Jam On Hawthorne. I’m always on the hunt for French toast – I’m not much of a meat lover in the morning so I’m looking for French toast and scrambled eggs. I prefer Gravy’s French toast; they use challah bread.

Celebration Dinner: Social Punch Bowl, Margarita Factory and Jake’s
“I really like Punch Bowl Social! I am very competitive and they have a lot of games. But it’s been a while. I love Margarita Factory in Beaverton, there is a great atmosphere. It’s like you’ve really left Portland, it’s like you’re in California or Miami, with great music and drinks. But for my birthday, I like to get out of town. I am going to San Francisco this year; I’ve never been there.
“I also like Jake’s. My dad worked there, and he brought home food and stuff like that. My father, he passed away in January. He always did his own thing.

Favorite bar after the show: Swift Lounge, The Fixin ‘To
“I really like Swift. You can’t beat jarred drinks! The Fixin ‘To in St. Johns is also a favorite; I have a good relationship with the people there. It’s in the neighborhood where I grew up. At Swift’s they have a drink called Chimney Swift, which is my favorite. But in general, I like Long Island (iced tea). I’m a sweeter drink type person, not really into pure alcohol.

Favorite Mid-Week Lunch: Food Cart Pods
“For a midweek lunch, I would hit a cart. I love Hawthorn Asylum, Park The Carts, St. John’s Food & Beer Porch, Cartside Food Carts and wherever there are gyros. I also love Mumbo Gumbo’s shrimp and grits.

Best places in North Portland: Rose City Taqueria, Tienda Santa Cruz, King Burrito
“Santa Cruz is great because they have a store in the front, and what you walk in the back is a restaurant. I really eat a lot of Mexican food there, in general.

Favorite pizzas: Pizza Schmizza, Hot Lips, PizzaSlut
“I really like pizza, but I’m not into fancy pizza – as long as the shit tastes good.”

Portland’s most underrated spot: Hana’s PDX
“Maybe six years ago I went for the first time and really liked their snowballs. I don’t have it often, because I live in the southeast now ; it’s more difficult to get there.

One Favorite Food in Portland: Wings at Alberta Street Market or Everybody Eats PDX Seafood Mac
“I’ve known the owners (of Everybody Eats) for a long time, Johnny and Marcelle, from the neighborhood, but I started ordering from them as soon as I could. I went to a few parties when they were catering, and I was like, “Yeah, that shit is good. “

Mic Capes’ latest single, “WWJD”, is now available on Band Camp and Spotify; to pursue Capes on Twitter for information on upcoming shows. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.


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