Pancakes with fig compote – Celebrate the incredible French cuisine


We’ve all taken a little trip this year and many of us have embraced cooking as a new skill. The world of delicious cuisine is here to be explored, whether it’s pastries, entrees or desserts. Inspired by a blend of French flavors, these fig compote pancakes are the ultimate expression of easy dessert recipes. They will turn any dinner into a celebration of flavors.

Fig compote comes from French cuisine and usually consists of honey and fruit slowly heated and mixed into something special. This recipe consists of American style pancakes or flapjacks. However, it can be fully converted into an all-French masterpiece if you make pancakes instead. Use your imagination and watch your friends and family marvel at the genius of this deliciously sweet treat. Pancakes with fig compote are perfect for a fancy dinner party, but won’t be out of place for a weekend dessert.

The fig compote pancakes are a celebration of the French dessert with a hint of the imagination. Surprise your guests with something beautiful!

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