Owners promise new flavor to valley favorite



The new owners of Woodett’s Diner signed the lease for the popular Carson Valley breakfast just before receiving the Best Breakfast award at the 26e The best of the Carson Valley.

Carson Valley businesses were recognized at a luncheon sponsored by The Record-Courier at the Carson Valley Inn on Wednesday.

“Over the past year, our country has faced some challenges,†RC associate editor Tara Addeo said over lunch. “But despite these challenges, you were successful, so congratulations. We are here to honor your accomplishments.

Woodett’s has been a Gardnerville staple for as long as the newspaper hosted the Best of Carson Valley, winning year one for Best Breakfast.

Marie and Edgar Arceo have owned it for 16 years, handing the spatula to Remon and Christelle Zamalis, who introduced themselves to the community at lunch on Wednesday.

“We are very grateful to everyone for welcoming us into the community,†said Christelle. “I know the previous owners were very involved in the community, we want to continue to do the same and we are very happy to be a part of it. “

Originally from France, the couple moved to northern Nevada in June after spending 22 years in Houston, Texas, where Remon was a private catering chef.

“Covid kind of pushed us out, and we just wanted to do something different,†Christelle said.

Shortly after moving to Reno, they learned that the small town restaurant was in the market and jumped at the chance.

“We loved the ambiance of the dinner and the view,†said Christelle. “It will remain the same Woodett’s, but we will add a new flavor.”

They said they expected additions to their culture, including French and Greek cuisine on the menu.

“I’ll take what you like and adjust my cooking to what you like,†Remon said.

You cannot have breakfast without coffee and take the first place for the best coffee was Coffee on Main.

Coffee on Main is a local, family-owned business operated by the Hoppes. It has been a longtime city favorite, receiving the best coffee in the Carson Valley for 11 consecutive years.

Co-owner Lauren Hoppe said she worked in the store as a teenager and after hearing the owners were retiring she immediately called her parents.

“I wanted it to stay the same,†Lauren said. “I think if an outside person had come in it wouldn’t have had the same community vibe and I really wanted him to stay as close to that same feeling as possible and I think the customers really appreciated that.”

Adele Hoppe said that because Coffee on Main is a local business and not a business, customers can have a personal relationship with the baristas.

“Girls love their customers,†Adele said. “We get closer to them and everyone is treated like family.”

Coffee on Main serves Alpen Sierra’s locally roasted organic coffee, Nitro Cold brew, 51 Fifty Energy Drinks, smoothies, baked goods and more.

Speaking of family, Carson Valley Medical Center also treats its patients like family which is why they were voted Carson Valley’s Best Doctor and Customer Service.

“When you’re the best customer service it says a lot and to get it for many years in a row you know you’re doing something right,†Addeo said.

Dr. Colleen Kriss received the title of Best Doctor of Family Medicine for the second year in a row.

“I really enjoy the votes, I really like my patients,†Kriss said.

Senior Development and Outreach Coordinator Courtney Moore represented the medical center for the best customer service title at the luncheon.

“We have a great community and we would like to thank them for their continued support,†said Moore. “We treat our patients like friends and family and everyone who comes in for this kind of treatment. “

Carson Valley Medical Center has been awarded the title for Best Customer Service for four consecutive years. The center is located at 1107 Highway 395 and offers urgent and emergency care, family, primary and senior care, specialist, behavioral, intensive care and more.

New and growing business owner Taylor Lynch, who also provides positive service, received third place for customer service along with four other awards.

The 22-year-old opened Minden’s men’s grooming salon, Taylor’s Scissors & Clippers, in September 2020, amid the pandemic.

During this year’s Best of Carson Valley, she was voted Best Hairstylist, Second Best Hair and Beauty Salon, Third Best New Business and Second Best Community Volunteer.

“I love to see the entrepreneurial spirit of the young people in the community,†Addeo said. “She has a lot of followers, that’s an impressive ranking.”

Lynch’s services extend outside of her store with gift baskets for the Douglas High School football and basketball teams, fundraisers and community events. She said she loved being part of the community and was honored for this recognition.

“Keep setting goals and dreams for yourself so you don’t stagnate in life and do everything with a smile,†Lynch said.

Best of Carson Valley has been showcasing Carson Valley businesses and community since 1995.

“It gives you a sense of how your business is viewed in the Valley, and it’s huge,†Addeo said.


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