Nike SB uses para for Olympic skating kit


Skateboarding is one of five new sports formats added to this year’s Olympics. Nike SB Both in terms of design and function, we prioritize athletes to wear the best uniforms. To achieve this, the brand called on Dutch artists. Pete Parra Bring design expertise to the first federation kit.

Nike SB is sponsoring four federations and 19 athletes in Tokyo this summer for skateboarding events in streets and parks, including in the United States, Japan, France and Brazil. For athletes, Swoosh’s skating sector supports 45% of the women’s field on the streets, but drives the future of the sport by representing Britain’s 12-year-old Sky Brown and 13-year-old athletes. Brazilian Reisa Lille. This is only a part of the athletes who wear Nike SB yarns in Tokyo.

The federation kit incorporates unique Pantone landscapes drawn from regions in each country. For example, the Brazilian design clearly refers to the seaside city of Rio de Janeiro, as you can see in the corresponding image.

Donna Van Harris, Nike Design Lead for the kit, said: Everything around you plays a role in drawing new lines. “

The Nike SB kit incorporates recognizable cityscapes while taking inspiration from closely related sports such as American basketball, Japanese baseball, French tennis and Brazilian football. Specific elements of the uniform of each sport are implemented in the skating kit. The skate kit is made from 100% recycled polyester to eliminate waste. The weaving threads used during construction allow moisture to escape and keep the skater cool during competition. Finally, each kit contains a bird which symbolizes each country. An eagle in the United States, a crane in Japan, an ondori in France and a toucan in Brazil.

The Nike SB Olympic Kit will be available in skate stores on July 18 and will be available on July 20, so you have the option to purchase it before the game begins. SNKRS And in some retail stores.

Nike SB uses para for Olympic skating kit

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