Moncler’s very first perfume bottles have LED screens that display personalized messages


Moncler wants to make sure that you can always read the labels of its first line of perfumes.

The Italian outerwear titan has just unveiled two new scents housed in futuristic bottles with customizable LED screens that can display personalized messages.

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The duo, called Moncler Pour Femme and Moncler Pour Homme, were designed for women and men, respectively, but both carry the hallmarks of the 69-year-old brand. That is to say innovation, nature, exploration and, of course, a good dose of luxury.

Moncler Pour Homme for men.  - Credit: Moncler / Interparfums

Moncler Pour Homme for men. – Credit: Moncler / Interparfums

Moncler / Interparfums

The 150ml vial itself looks a bit like a vial (or borraccia in Italian) which, according to Moncler, pays homage to its mountain roots and its adventurous spirit. The silver ribbing, meanwhile, is meant to mirror the quilting you’ll find on the brand’s beloved puffer jackets. The real piece of resistance, however, is the screen which you can change to display the scrolling red letters of your choice through a smartphone app.

As for the interior, each eau de parfum contains an accord of mountain wood, which was formulated exclusively for Moncler by the perfumers of Givaudan. Both scents also have notes of cedarwood to evoke the exterior and sandalwood to create a pleasant warmth. Moncler calls Pour Femme a woody, musky scent characterized by Italian bergamot and jasmine while Moncler Pour Homme is supposed to mimic an alpine forest with an intoxicating dose of woody notes.

Moncler CEO Remo Ruffini and his team have partnered with Interparfums for this new venture. The French company, which has previously spearheaded perfumes for some of the biggest names in luxury – Boucheron, Coach, Jimmy Choo and Van Cleef & Arpels – will oversee the production and distribution of the perfumes in Moncler stores, as well as in certain department stores, specialty stores and tour operators.

Moncler Pour Femme for women.  - Credit: Moncler / Interparfums

Moncler Pour Femme for women. – Credit: Moncler / Interparfums

Moncler / Interparfums

“Moncler as a brand has such a coveted status – it’s a brand that truly embodies innovation, which is why these fragrances feel like the perfect continuation of its history,” said Philippe Bénacin, CEO of Interparfums , in a press release. “With these two scents, even the bottle itself is a new adventure, a new spirit and a new way of communicating, whether it’s to write your name, a special message or whatever you like.”

It feels like a winning strategy for us. If you’re interested, a 150ml bottle will set you back $ 210 ($ 150 for a refill) while the 100ml bottle is priced at $ 140 and the 60ml bottle costs $ 95. The fragrances will launch on Tuesday October 5 in Moncler boutiques and at Bloomingdales from October 10.

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