Milk Bar’s New Pancake Cake features ‘Butterscotch’ frosting – NBC Los Angeles

What there is to know

  • Milk Bar is at 7150 Melrose Avenue
  • Find the 6 inch cake in stores in “limited quantities”; it is also available in delivery
  • $ 59

The fact that the word “cake” appears in the name of one of our most beloved breakfast foods has not escaped no child, and, let’s be honest, no adult either.

But while a pancake can certainly be sweet, and it’s often topped with many of the additions you’ll find in a traditional dessert cake, from fruit to chocolate to whipped cream, it’s always very different, in its character. character, texture and consistency, from its bakery case counterpart.

What if the two could meet somewhere in the middle, however, with a cutout party cake possessing some of the syrupy flair of its flatter cousin, while still retaining the fun texture of something that is oven-made and not. on a hotplate or stove?

It can happen and, moreover, is happens at Milk bar in the early days of 2022, just when we all crave that little something special to help us step into the New Year.

For the bespoke bakery, which started out in West Hollywood but has now spread nationwide, created the pancake cake, which is part of her dinner-inspired sweet series.

The 6-inch cake, priced at $ 59, features the all-important pancake layers “stacked between the brown sugar cookie butter, maple frosting, and brown butter crumbs.”

At the top? It looks like a pretty butter patty, but it’s actually frosting. A maple syrup frosting is the finishing touch.

But wait: there are other finishes, if you buy your own in the store (rather than following the delivery route): Milk Bar will have French Toast Soft Serve in its Melrose store, if you want another perfect addition. for breakfast to enjoy with your Pancake Cake.

Breakfast + dessert? Sometimes we eat cereal when we want candy, and sometimes we snack on ice cream in the morning.

Now there is a temptation that possesses the panache of traditional pancakes and cake, with maple richness and a depth of butter to spare.

Let’s call it the first 2022 mash-up we can all support, with our high forks and breakfast and dessert cravings right at our fingertips.

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