Melty Blood Saber leak confirmation, explained by Type-Moon, French bread


Before the reveal of the last two to three playable characters in Lumina blood group melty, icons for the characters appeared on digital stores, which leaked this Saber from Destiny / stay the night would be on the list – now Type-Moon has officially confirmed Saber with a new gameplay trailer on the Type-Moon Times vol 6 live stream.

Lumina blood group melty Streaming director Kamone Serizawa also explained why Type-Moon and French Bread decided to add Saber to the game, I’ve translated his comments below.

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Rune Factory 5 | Launch Date Trailer





French Bread explains how Saber de Destiny / stay the night ended in Lumina blood group melty

Kamone-san explained on the 34:17 timestamp why Saber is in the game. Before Lumina typeThe development of its started, at the beginning Type-Moon asked French Bread to create “a new fighting game”, with no specific IP in mind. But since French Bread saw Tsukihime remake was re-announced and released soon, they asked Type-Moon to let them make a new one Melting Blood.

Early in development, French Bread created a few sample characters, and one of them was Saber from Destiny / stay the night. So after chatting with Type-Moon and getting their approval, they thought it would be a waste not to use it, so they finished the character and included her in the game.

They also chose Saber because she has already appeared in several games including fighting games (Nitroplus Blasterz). Then there’s how Kamone-san really wanted to make Saber himself for once and include him in a Melting blood Game. The last reason is that, although it is a fighting game, Lumina blood group melty has few characters who like “fair” fighting, traditional knight characters with a weapon, so the addition of Saber would fill that place. Adding a new type of character like this makes the game even more interesting.

Lumina blood group melty launches September 30 on PC via Steam, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. You can always reach me on Twitter @ A_iyane07 to discuss Japanese games, Nasuverse, etc.

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