Melbourne Homewares designer Corey Ashford’s canelés are inedible, but you’ll always want them on your table

Traditionally, canelés are small, scalloped galettes — a pastry cream inside with a caramelized shell — from the Bordeaux region of France. Now it’s also incense holders, fruit bowls and jewelry bowls, thanks to Melbourne designer Corey Ashford.

“I’m always inspired by the beauty of food and the sensory pleasure it provides,” says Ashford, former head of retail and visual merchandising at Dinosaur Designs, which established its eponymous studio in 2016. reinvented the sculptural form of canelé using marble and precious metals to turn a moment of indulgence into a timeless treasure.

Its all-new line includes three canelé-inspired designs, featuring soft fluted edges and practically edible shapes in marble, brass and silver.

The Canelé Holder holds candles or incense sticks, the Canelé Jewelry Dish is just the right size for rings and small trinkets, and the Canelé Tote is large enough for at least two medium-sized avocados. . Or maybe a generous portion of real French pastries?

Just like Ashford’s other items, all are handcrafted and designed with a sense of elegance and fun.

The new product line also includes luxury hand-carved marble champagne coolers and hand-dipped beeswax dinner candles – another nod to the iconic French cake.

“Baking the perfect canelé requires the molds to be coated with a mixture of butter and beeswax,” says Ashford, “so using the canelé form to hold my range of beeswax dinner candles was the perfect way to honor the beloved French pastry.”


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