McDonald’s menu from 1993 shows lost items that need to come back

A 30-year-old McDonald’s menu has been rediscovered showing lost items that we believe need to be recovered quickly.

McDonald’s retro menu was hung on a branch wall in 1993 and photographed by a Daily Mirror photographer. The image was recently rediscovered in the Mirrorpix photo archive.

In Liverpool, the city’s first McDonald’s restaurant opened on Lord Street in November 1985. According to the store locator on the McDonald’s website, there are now 20 restaurants within five miles of Liverpool city center .

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To put it into context, in 1993 when the menu photo was taken, the Premier League had only just started and Jurassic Park was hitting theaters. The first high-speed train passed through the Channel Tunnel which was not opened to the public until the following year, and Jodie Comer was born.

Let’s go back to the menu and first let’s talk about the prices. Now obviously inflation has played a big part but it’s still something to see a Big Mac on the menu for £1.79 while a quarter pound with cheese is just £1.81.

There’s no doubt that a 1990s McDonald’s milkshake seemed to take more effort to be sucked through a straw. Back then you could buy a big triple thick milkshake for just £1.14, but if you wanted to take it away it was only 97p.

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There were also three sizes of fries. The large would cost you £1.05, the medium 84p, while the regular would cost just 57p. But perhaps some of the most interesting things on the menu are what you can no longer buy at McDonald’s in 2022. First up, a quintessentially English strawberry trifle.

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Described as “A creme fraiche trifle with a rich strawberry jelly and sponge over a layer of dairy custard with rosettes of creme fraiche.” It’s unclear which year McDonald’s decided to drop some of the menu, but an online commenter who said he picked up one at an airport in 1993 recalled it being “surprisingly tasty”.

The 1993 McDonald’s menu had choices you can’t get anymore but would surely be welcome today

Another item that should surely be reinstated on the menu was McDonald’s Big Breakfast. The lost breakfast consisted of a buttered English muffin, hash brown, sausage patty plus a scrambled egg, all for just £1.29.

The 1993 Big Breakfast was described as: “Two buttery scrambled eggs served with a pure pork sausage patty with a toasted buttery English muffin and a delicious helping of fried brown potatoes.” You can also buy scrambled eggs and an English muffin for just 90p, or an English muffin with a choice of strawberry, apricot or orange jam for just 52p.

McDonald's Burger restaurant counter at their branch in Lord Street, Liverpool.  October 24, 1989
McDonald’s Burger restaurant counter at their branch in Lord Street, Liverpool. October 24, 1989

However, we should perhaps not bemoan the loss of these items from the additions McDonald’s has introduced to the menu since the 1990s. For example, there was no option on the breakfast menu to double those McMuffins.

Now they just need to introduce a vegetarian or vegan version of the McMuffin and all will be forgiven.

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