[Kitchen 143] Try these generous silogs at the newly renovated BGC Friends and Family

For those with a sweet tooth, you can try their Banana Q and Ube Bombalinis!

The Friends and Family restaurant is ready for the Sunday brunch crowd, with newly renovated digs, a fresh pasteleria, and breakfast silog meals generous enough to share.

Raintree Group Corporate Chef Chef Kalel Chan continues to delight guests with familiar dishes and creative ways to serve our beloved Pinoy dishes. Silog plates of garlic rice, freshly cooked eggs and all of our early morning meat favorites are now part of the new breakfast menu.

TAPA. Tapa Two Ways offers a generous portion of crispy fried flakes and tapa Jones for beef lovers. Photo by Michelle Aventajado

All-day breakfast choices with garlic rice include Grilled Hamonado Longganisa, Spicy Daing na Boneless Bangus, Breakfast Lechon Kawali, US Beef Pares and Tendon, Crispy Cebu Danggit, and Classic Corned Beef Hashes. Meals are served with fresh and sweet Tagaytay Piña. These well-balanced flavors paired with hearty dishes provide a satisfying start to any day.

LONGGANISA. The homemade Longganisa is added to the grilled sticks offered by Friends and Family. Photo by Michelle Aventajado

With brighter interiors and an outdoor dining area that’s both welcoming and aesthetically pleasing, loyal patrons of friends and family can still find the same Pinoy and Chinoy comfort food with an expressive twist. Chef Kalel, who happens to be a former guest of Kitchen143, is adept at bringing us the nostalgic flavors of well-known family dishes, but with a fun, cleaner presentation. The dishes he creates for Friends and Family are perfect for those of us who love Filipino staples and want to introduce our cuisine to foreigners.

TOCINO. The Grilled Bacon Tocino Steak is bursting with flavor. Photo by Michelle Aventajado

True-blue Family and Friendsters won’t miss the dishes they know and love despite the new look and feel of this happy High Street spot. The Friends and Family All-Day Dining menu has not changed except for a few enhancements to some dishes from Chef Kalel. Best sellers still include Street Style BBQ, Tomato Bagnet Sinigang, Crispy Binagoongan and Diniguan at Puto. Stella Pizza may not be on the menu, but it’s always available and popular with the happy hour crowd.

OMELETTE. Light and fluffy French omelettes with longganisa, quesong puti and tinapa flakes offer great flavor when topped with Hollandaise sauce. Photo by Michelle Aventajado

If those bountiful silogs aren’t what you’re craving for an early morning meal, there are French-inspired omelets with Filipino flavors and Eggs Benedict highlighting the Tocino bacon steak.

BREAD. Freshly baked bread is ideal for merienda with coffee, or even for the lunch box. Photo by Michelle Aventajado

The addition of a pasteleria offers a plethora of choices including freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes and sweets. I was drawn to the classic coconut macaroons, while Miguel liked the Banana Q and Ube Bombalini. New additions to consider include Shanghai Buns, Spanish Croissants, Asado Rolls, Pan de Lima, Pan Au Chocnut, and Classic Ensayamada. Freshly baked sourdough bread or dark rye bread with a truffled egg salad or cheesy chili is a great addition to your home breakfast or brunch table.

Frozen meals are also available for purchase and can be reheated or cooked in the comfort of your own kitchen. – Rappler.com

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