Here’s the best and worst food at Nelson Dining Hall



It’s been a month since the fall semester began, and students can’t wait to be back on campus and in person once again. The only thing dreaded? The food in the dining room, of course.

With the Shively Dining Room being used for COVID-19 testing, the only options available to students of traditional and flexible meal plans are the Nelson Dining Room on South Green and the Boyd Dining Room on West Green. The two have different dishes to offer the students, some having a “pizza” in our hearts while others leave us feeling scrambled inside. Here are the three best and three worst dishes at Nelson Dining Hall:



A classic dining dish that stays consistent with every meal. Obviously, pizza is simple and the easiest to make. Whether it’s cheese, pepperoni, or sausage, you can’t go wrong with a hot slice. The crispy crust pairs well with the flavorful sauce and stringy texture of the cheese that can satisfy any craving.

orange chicken

Crunchy on the outside, melting on the inside. What’s not to like? The sweet taste has a hint of honey that allows the sweet and the salty to blend together in a balanced combo. Whether paired with sushi rice, lettuce, or even on its own, Orange Chicken can be the star with a zesty zest that can’t compare to anything else in the dining room.


Unbeatable side, the fries are seasoned to perfection with salt and pepper. The crunchiness on the outside pairs well with the soft inside of the potatoes without having a mushy or undercooked taste. It’s definitely a favorite staple to go with any burger or sandwich.


Grilled chicken

A dull, dry, hard-to-swallow protein. Grilled chicken has a strong taste of pepper without much flavor or any other seasoning. Compared to being undercooked, chicken is so overcooked that it becomes crumbly and causes coughing. The brown and white color of the meal also leaves the food unappealing.

Egg roll with vegetables

The satisfying crunch of the egg roll packaging cannot save the soggy and greasy environment. The filling has a moist texture without the taste of any of the individual vegetables, but instead creates a seamless flavor that can only be described as bland and slightly bitter. If it is soaked in sauce, the whole dish can only be kept until the oil starts to bother your stomach.

Pepperoni stick

The pepperoni stick wishes it was the pizza slices in the dining room. The soft, garish exterior can’t do much to save the even, overly saucy interior. This leaves a gummy feeling in your mouth that will make you wonder what you are actually eating. Difficult pass.


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