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It was a big moment for new restaurants on the tasting menu in Chicago this week. Three of Windy City’s most famous new fixed-price destinations – Claudia, Esme and Kasama – have each snagged a Michelin star in their first year of eligibility, as the tire maker-turned-foodie-guide revealed its selections on Tuesday. in Chicago. And then the three-year-old Galit, which adopted a fixed-price menu in the wake of the pandemic, also landed its first star this year.

At the two- and three-star levels, the guide awarded no newcomers, with Alinea remaining the only restaurant in Chicago to win the top prize, while Oriole, Smyth, Moody Tongue and Ever each retained their two stars.

Together with Esmé, husband and wife team Jenner Tomaska ​​and Katrina Bravo have created a modern space where Tomaska, the former executive chef of Grant Achatz’s Next, draws inspiration from art in her kitchen. The restaurant’s current menu is a collaboration with photographer Paul Octavious, where each dish uses one of the artist’s pieces as a starting point. And while you eat, you can find the artwork on the wall and read about it in an online guide that you can follow throughout the meal. For example, Octavious shoots the same Chicago hill in three different seasons, evoking drastically different moods, and Tomaska ​​and her team translate that into separate dishes, including a beet dish and Esmé’s version of a mini. Beef Wellington.

At Kasama, salmon with tamarind white butter and smoked eggs is served on creamy leeks.

Jeremy Repanich

Another married duo, Genie Kwon and Tim Flores, have joined the ranks of Michelin stars in Chicago with their modern Filipino restaurant Kasama. The restaurant masterfully executes its dual personality. During the day, it’s a casual café that serves mouth-watering breakfast sandwiches, a la carte selections like chicken adobo, and a crate full of Kwon’s incredible pastries, like his ube Basque cake. And in the evening, the two-Michelin-star Oriole alums transform Kasama into a tasting menu restaurant that examines the flavors of Filipino classics through a gourmet lens.

Trevor Teich’s new restaurant, Claudia, also received its first star this year, where it serves tasting menus ranging from eight to 15 courses of contemporary cuisine that draws inspiration from the chef’s French and Japanese training.

And finally, Zach Engel’s Galit landed its first star for its prix fixe menus of Middle Eastern dishes. Engel cut his teeth under Alon Shaya, cooking modern Israeli cuisine in New Orleans and winning the James Beard Rising Star Chef Award in 2017. Shortly after his win, Engel moved to Chicago and opened his Galit restaurant in 2019.

The total number of restaurants in Chicago with one star has fallen from 24 to 23 because while four establishments obtained a star for the first time, five lost theirs. Four of them — Yugen, Entente, Spiaggia and Acadia (two stars) — closed last year. And the fifth, Parachute, has undergone renovations and is therefore temporarily closed, but could regain its status when Beverly Kim and Jonny Clark reopen their successful Korean-American restaurant.

Here is the complete list of starred restaurants:

Three stars

Two stars

  • Never
  • sullen tongue
  • Oriole
  • Smyth

A star

  • boka
  • Claudia (NEW)
  • EL Ideas
  • Elizabeth
  • Elske
  • Esme (NEW)
  • Galit (NEW)
  • goose foot
  • Kasama (NEW)
  • Mako
  • following
  • North Pond
  • Omakase Yume
  • Port
  • Schwa
  • Sepia
  • Temporis
  • Topolobampo

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