Here are 14 NH restaurants that have been seen on food TV shows

One thing is certain: there is no shortage of TV shows about food. Whether it’s cooking contests, trips across the country to discover the best cuisine, or recipe sharing, the ever-growing number of these programs demonstrates that if there’s one thing people love, it’s is a good meal.

Some people prefer the milder options like “Great British Baking Show”, while others enjoy the tension and drama that comes with shows like “Hell’s Kitchen”. Apparently, there are plenty of ways to screw up beef Wellington, and Gordon Ramsay isn’t afraid to let chefs figure it out when it inevitably happens.

Similar to “Hell’s Kitchen,” shows like “Master Chef,” “Chopped,” and “Tournament of Champions” appeal to those who enjoy watching competitions and seeing who emerges victorious.

Other options like “Man vs Food” and “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” give viewers the chance to see offerings from different restaurants across the country.

“Restaurant: Impossible” appeals to those who love fixer-upper shows, while options like “Good Eats” and “Delicious Miss Brown” teach people delicious new recipes.

Naturally, due to the number of shows available, countless restaurants were featured in one way or another.

But which New Hampshire establishments have made it to the big screen? Here are 14 Granite State restaurants that have landed on the Food Network, Travel Channel, and more.

How many of these places have been?

Here are 14 New Hampshire restaurants that have been featured on food TV shows

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New Hampshire is filled to the brim with great water features! For me, what makes a bar go from “MEH” to “YEAH!” it’s friendly and attentive staff, a wide choice of cocktails, activities (board games, darts, billiards) and bonus points if they offer mozzarella sticks which can knock me out. Here are the friendliest bars (and bartenders) in New Hampshire, according to our listeners.

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