Have you seen this 10-year-old child master the piano? It’s a must.

It’s always nice to see and hear a child playing and mastering an instrument. But, listening to a kid whose teachers compare him to Blues legend Joe Bonomasa, it’s impressive.

We’re talking about 10-year-old Nathan Alexander who masters the piano. Alexander plays every day and he loves it. He’s even played with members of Billy Joel’s band, and he’s mastered Billy Joel’s material.

He says he’s different because at 10 he listens to Billy Joel, unlike his friends, who don’t.

Alexander was recently in the Keeler WIBX studio, playing all kinds of styles on the keyboard, including jazz, classic blues and the music of Billy Joel and Elton John.

“He’s awesome,” said teacher and keyboardist Keith James. “He reminds me of what it was like watching Joe Bonomasa when he was 10,” he said. Bonamasa was performing on stage with BB, King when he was only 12 years old. James says there is an obvious comparison.

Alexander says he loves playing and he loves learning from Professor James. He says he plays and trains around 30-90 minutes a day. He says he likes to play. He also said that performing with Billy Joel’s band was probably the greatest experience of his life.

Watch video of Alexander performing in the studio during The Keeler Show. Be on the lookout this weekend during the Heart Radio Thon on WIBX this Saturday morning, as Alexander will be on the air.

Alexander is from Utica and attends Bradley Elementary School in New Hartford.

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