Greece, Turkey fight fierce fires as heat waves continue


The flames originate from a fire that spreads around Kapandriti on the outskirts of Athens.

Hundreds of firefighters burned down on the outskirts of Athens on Friday, dozens of fires broke out in Greece in what the prime minister called a “crisis situation”, and neighboring Turkey is putting more pressure on the fires in Greece. Forest. Was done.

Greece and Turkey have been battling blazing flames for a week. I was hit by the worst heat wave in decades. This disaster was caused by authorities and climate change experts.

French firefighters will arrive in Greece on Thursday evening and will be supported by Switzerland, Sweden, Romania and Israel.

“Japan is facing a very critical situation,” Prime Minister Kiriacos Mitsutakis said Thursday evening, warning six of the country’s 13 regions.

“We are faced with an unprecedented situation after a few days of heatwave turning the country into barrels. “

About 30 km (19 miles) north of Athens, fierce flames struck large areas of pine forest, forcing more villages to evacuate overnight, blowing thick, suffocating smoke throughout the Greek capital.

In the small town of Afidnes, firefighters were seen standing in trucks at midnight putting out the flames bouncing off them.

Part of the highway connecting Athens and the north of the country has been closed as a precaution.

I see firefighters putting out the flames from the top of the truck as the fire spreads around the village of Afidnes, about 30 kilometers north of Athens.

Help foreigners

Deputy Civil Protection Minister Nicos Hardarias said of the 99 fires reported on Thursday, 57 were still active in the middle of the night, especially Evia, who was forced to evacuate monks who refused to leave the monastery. He said it happened on the island.

About 82 French firefighters, both military and civilian, arrived Thursday evening, according to French officials.

France, like Sweden, was planning to send two water bombers, Romania was planning to send 112 firefighters and 23 vehicles, and Switzerland was planning to send three helicopters, Greek firefighters said. A spokesperson told AFP.

Israel also said it plans to send 15 firefighters and planes with large amounts of flame retardants.

Greek authorities have banned visits to forests, national parks or natural sites until Monday due to extreme danger.

A dead animal lies in a burnt tree on the hill of Evia

Dead animals lie in a burnt tree on the hill of Evia.

“If anyone is wondering if climate change is a reality, come here and see how intense the phenomenon is,” Mitsutakis said Thursday.

The flames also forced the North Macedonian government to declare a state of emergency for 30 days, forcing the Albanian Defense Ministry neighboring the Balkan Peninsula to declare the situation “serious” due to a threat to homes from the village. ..

Erdogan is on fire

According to the Turkish president, there have been 208 fires in Turkey since July 28, and there are still 12 on Friday.

Eight people were killed and dozens were hospitalized on the south coast of the country.

During one of the biggest events at the start of the week, a lightning strike blew over the site of Turkey’s Aegean Coastal Power Plant, which stores thousands of tonnes of coal.

Fighting forest fires

Forest fire fighting techniques.

The office of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the first inspections carried out after the flames were extinguished showed that “the main units of the plant were not seriously damaged”.

The government faces increasing pressure after the opposition cited a report showing that only a small portion of its budget for forest fire prevention has been spent.

The Forestry Directorate (OGM) spent just 1.75% of the roughly 200 million Turkish Liras ($ 23 million) allocated to forest fires in the first six months of 2021, the deputy said. opposition Murato Emile. Said with reference to government figures. His report submitted by him in a parliamentary question.

“It is no exaggeration to say that this is a betrayal,” he told AFP.

After revealing that Turkey does not have a functioning firefighting aircraft, Erdogan particularly weakened criticisms that he is slow or unwilling to accept offers of foreign aid.

  • The villagers were evacuated to the sea by the Turkish coast guard after a deadly forest fire engulfed the outer edge of Kemer, 35.

    Villagers have been evacuated from the sea by the Turkish coast guard after a deadly forest fire engulfed the outer edge of a 35-year-old Kemerkoy thermal power plant that stores thousands of tons of coal.

  • A man pushes a bicycle along a road near a forest fire near the Kemerkoy thermal power plant in northern Turkey

    A man pushes a bicycle along a road near a forest fire near the Kemerkoy thermal power plant in northern Turkey.

The government defended itself by blaming the Turkish Aeronautical Association. Prime Minister Erdogan said he was unable to update his fleet and technology over the weekend.

The crisis posed an unexpected challenge for a powerful Turkish leader two years before facing elections that could extend his reign to thirty.

Heavy smoke over Athens as suburbs fight forest fires

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