GoFundMe donations show how much Grateful Bread owner means to Lincoln | Local

When he launched the GoFundMe page, he knew it would take off immediately.

“Having worked for so long, I think I had a better idea that people cared a lot more than my parents did,” he said.

It is not difficult to determine this condition at the community level. Consider that Mark and Cate opened a vegetarian restaurant in Nebraska’s capital during a time when beef was and continues to be the best for dinner.

“They always wanted it to be what they wanted,” said Cheyenne, who now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. “They weren’t going to do anything else. Having a vegetarian restaurant in Nebraska, that’s what they wanted to do, and that’s what they did.

“If they were selling hamburgers, they would also make a lot of money. But that’s precisely what they wanted to do.”

Cindy Lange-Kubick: The Cult of the Grateful Bread and Her Unwavering Devotion

But Grateful Bread is much more than its price. The small cafe features eclectic artwork on the walls, as well as paper lanterns, Mr. Potato Heads, and other things you wouldn’t expect, like plastic dinosaurs.

“The look is a very clear extension of their personality,” Cheyenne said.

And community members embraced its weirdness, the way it went against the grain by only opening its doors a few days a week, and they devoured the food.

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