Frites Street supplies Arizona restaurants with delicious fries

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Flip Isard is a former musician turned Fry Guy! He launched Frites Street in 2015 as a food truck offering Belgian-style French fries on the street.

Fries Street specializes in brined, double-fried home fries. Two years into the food truck business, Isard bought his first expensive frying tool – a $2,000 slicer that could cut faster than slicing by hand. Flip sent a video of the machine in action to a chef friend, who then asked for a sample of fries. This chef liked the sample so much that he put Frites Street fries on his menu at two of his restaurants. After that, calls started coming in from more local chefs, and soon big distributors like Sysco Foods, Shamrock Foods, Peddlers Sons also started calling, wanting Frites Street fries!

In late 2017, Flip sold the food truck and moved into wholesale fries, and moved into a production kitchen in Scottsdale Airpark. He flew to Idaho and met the farmers who grew the potato he loved. He told them that he was going to do anything for his dream of French fries and that he wanted to have a connection with their farm and its number one ingredient. He shook hands with the farmers, and they told him they would keep him supplied with the best quality potato on the market.

Frites Street now makes 45,000 pounds of fries a week and ships them to top chefs in the Valley, as well as high-end chefs and restaurants in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and more. If you want to try the fries, you can purchase a home sampler kit or check out the Frites Street interactive map on their website to find a restaurant near you. Ingo’s Tasty Food offers a fan favorite – Fresh Shattered Potato Chips – provided by Frites Street!

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