Food Challenges at Hungry Monkey, Newport Creamery, Wally’s Wieners

The desire to push and even surpass our mental and physical limits is intrinsic to human nature, something fundamental to our very core and a key to our evolutionary success on this planet.

To that end, The Daily News has compiled a short list of grotesque and wondrous food challenges available to intrepid Newport County eaters.

Whether it’s a healthy grade-schooler-sized omelet or a bunch of Awful Awfuls, here are some ways to really transcend your gastrointestinal limitations and possibly win a t- free shirt:

The hungry monkey

hungry monkey, located on Broadway in Newport, has perhaps the most famous culinary challenge around: its King Kong Omelet Challenge has put nine victorious eaters on the Wall of Fame and sent 532 budding legends home.

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All you have to do to get your picture on the wall, win a t-shirt, and get the $30 omelet for free is put away a 15-egg, five-pound omelette filled with literally all the toppings the restaurant has to offer, with a side of homemade fries and four slices of toast. Pro tip: True connoisseurs of competitive eating know that it’s the bread that will catch up with you.

By the way, the Hungry Monkey was featured on the Travel Channel series Man vs. Food in 2021, with host Casey Webb taking on a custom-designed “Go Bananas French Toast Challenge”: a four-pound plate of cream cheese-stuffed French toast topped with fruit, syrup and powdered sugar.

Newport Creamery

Newport Creamery features the oldest food challenge on Aquidneck Island, a classic Rhode Island offer for a free Awful Awful 24-ounce milkshake. The caveat is that you would actually win your fourth Awful Awful of the day, since you have to drink three to win and get the fourth for free.

An assortment of Awful Awful sweets at Newport Creamery.

As inspiration for the shy and dairy-sensitive, the guy from Man vs. Food crushed three Awful Awfuls in eight minutes. It’s a record ? Maybe only true locals know for sure.

Wally’s sausages

Wally’s sausages, on Thames Street in Newport, recently revamped its challenge after deeming it too easy. Turns out, consuming a quadruple Wynter burger with a grilled cheese bun, two wally weiners, a Nashville hot bun chicken sandwich and a chocolate shake in 15 minutes or less is a cinch for your hungry sailor. medium or your student Salve.

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Now the 15 minute time limit still stands, but the new challenge menu is a Mac burger; four signature weiners – the wally, slaw, chili cheese and buffalo, a buffalo chicken barkin’ bun sandwich and a milkshake in any flavor. The waiter who answered the phone said no one had won the challenge yet, with the most recent challenger this winter having thrown in the towel with two minutes left on the clock.

Is it even possible to crush such a gargantuan meal in 15 minutes? Maybe if you are a professional.

“I don’t think it’s all impossible…but you probably need competitive eater training,” the employee said over the phone. “Not just anyone on the street can eat that much food in 15 minutes.”

Wally's Wieners, located at 464 Thames St. in Newport, offers a food challenge that includes hot dogs, milkshakes and chicken.

Wally’s Tini Wienie Tuesday, but worth knowing, offers a hot sausage and chilled martini for $16 a week.

Newport Vineyards

Newport Vineyards, located on East Main Road in Middletown, offers a special eating contest that only takes place once a year, during the annual Harvest Fest. Although Harvest Fest has been postponed since 2019 due to the pandemic, it’s back on the schedule for Oct. 29-30, as is its fifth annual pie contest with a homemade crust and local fruit.

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Competitors are called from the crowd, where they each run to eat a pie, without using their hands, as fast as they can. The competition is time limited and the judges determine who has eaten the most pie before the time runs out.

The winner gets a $25 gift card for the vineyard and lots of blueberries all over their face, but to be fair, every contestant gets a pie all over their face.

Kendra from Newport Vineyards said the contest was a fan favorite, and they decided to bring it back because watching the townspeople smash homemade pies is always a crowd pleaser.

Be on the lookout for Harvest Fest tickets to go on sale if you want to be crowned the 2022 Newport County Pie Champion.

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