Does St. Cloud get a Sonic Restaurant?



Every time a new restaurant opens in St. Cloud, we get a flood of comments from people wanting to see a Sonic Drive In restaurant come to town. Well, it looks like the wait may be coming to an end soon.

There is currently a job posting on Linkedin seeking a General Manager for Sonic in St. Cloud, Minnesota. I imagine hiring the CEO would be one of the first steps to take if they were planning to come to town, right?

As the Managing Director of SONIC Drive-In Restaurant, you are indeed a general leading your troops in an endless campaign to provide the United States with an infinitely more delicious food service experience. You will participate in the training and support of the employees of the drive-in restaurants, ensuring that the food is delivered in a clean, safe and efficient manner and that our customers have a great experience.

In addition to the job posting for the General Manager position, there are also lists of people interested in becoming a cook, crew member or skating mechanic. This is the one I want!

Being a Carhop (aka super cool food server) is like being an astronaut, only you work in a drive-in restaurant instead of space, and the food is way better. You are responsible for serving and delivering this food in a safe and efficient manner, ensuring that our customers have a truly unique experience at SONIC Drive-In restaurants.

While we don’t have any solid confirmation that Sonic is coming to town, hiring employees would seem to be a strong indicator.

Do you have what it takes to run a Sonic restaurant … or at least have what it takes to put on roller skates and slushies? If so, Sonic is looking for your app!

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