Create an indoor window planter


As we prepare to embrace the gray winter skies, we find less to do outside in the garden.

Did you know that you can recreate your garden and bring it back indoors?

Try to create an indoor planter. There are many ways to start this family project; use as much creativity as you would an outdoor planter.

Select the box

You can find many planter-type containers in department stores or home improvement stores. Boxes can be made of wood, metal, plastic, wicker and even terracotta.

You can make your own or just buy one. Think about how you are going to display it. You can mount the box on an interior window like the exterior version; or interpret the concept more freely by placing the box on a table and / or a window sill.


Selecting the plants is the fun part! Consider starting with any houseplants you already own.

You can permanently plant inside the box as you would if you were planting outside. However, consider arranging the individual containers inside the box rather than planting them permanently. This will give you the option to easily change the look of your box at any time.

Old nursery pots are cheap and functional, but they are not very attractive. However, you can use them for this project because you can hide them inside the box under material such as sphagnum moss. In fact, not only can you drop different containers into the box, but you can also use water pots that have cuttings from collected plants, such as golden pothos or wandering Jews.

Using this “container-in-container” technique also allows you to group plants that have different moisture requirements. Use a giant drain saucer at the bottom of the box or separate saucers so that each plant can be watered separately.

You can easily swap the plants out of a planter for seasonal appeal or special occasions. Consider a theme for your indoor cubicle; highlighted below are some ideas.

A garden of aromatic herbs

A great planter for the kitchen is a planter filled with fresh herbs. You can buy seeds or seed starter kits to grow herbs from scratch and / or buy fresh herbs such as rosemary, parsley, basil and various thyme.

Herbs are readily available in grocery stores, especially as the holidays approach. Most herbs prefer a sunny window and somewhat warm temperatures to grow. Don’t expect your indoor herbs to grow the same size as in an outdoor garden, but they will grow enough to provide you with fresh herbs for all of your favorite recipes.

Indoor plant paradise

Nothing could be easier for a themed garden in a planter than to collect plants from around the house or cuttings of plants that have remained in a glass. Arrange your collection as you would with an outdoor planter; taller plants should be at the back, shorter plants at the front, creepers placed at the front and sides of the container.

For some interesting plants, consider dracaena, cactus, golden pothos, wandering jew, and / or African violet. If you’ve wintered outdoor annuals, impatiens, coleus, and begonias make wonderful planter plants.

Holiday planter

As the holidays approach, more plants will be readily available in stores.

For Thanksgiving, consider a Thanksgiving cactus with colorful little moms and other plants in fall colors.

For the Christmas season, there are plenty of plants to choose from.

You’ll also find bulbs that will soon bloom in florists and grocery stores. These make a great accent in your planter; add interesting foliage plants or your houseplants to complete an indoor bouquet in early spring.

Even cut flowers placed in a small vase, surrounded by moss will look like fresh flowers are growing in your box. With minimal work and a little imagination, you can bring the color, warmth and charm of an outdoor planter indoors to enjoy this winter and beyond.

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