Communion adds late night brunch and happy hour


Landing on The New York Times listing of America’s 50 most exciting restaurants right now didn’t make it much easier to get a table at Communion. But Kristi Brown and Damon Bomar just gave us more ways to experience the heartfelt, nationally acclaimed Central District restaurant. Communion has just added brunch and happy hour on Friday late night on weekends.

Brunch is only on Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. “It’s not a huge menu,” Brown said recently, but dishes like pan-seared shrimp on cheese porridge and corn French toast, along with mimosas, Bomar’s Bloody Marys, and other cocktails during the day, promise plenty of incentives to visit the restaurant in the revamped Liberty Bank Building.

Communion does not take reservations for brunch or for the new late night hours. Every Friday the kitchen stays open from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. with a menu of late night snacks and aperitif drinks from the beautiful bar at the back of Bomar. Instagram promises an R&B soundtrack for these nights, and the service is only inside.

During this time, yes. It is not easy to guarantee a reservation. Bomar opens dinner reservations for each month on Resy shortly before the start, and tables reserve almost immediately (watch Instagram for more details). But he and Brown want to get the word out: the restaurant keeps “quite a bit” of its tables available for walk-in diners; bar seating is entirely first come, first served. According to Bomar, the restaurant hosted most evenings within 30 minutes to an hour of arriving. Of course, that was before this last round of accolades from the Times. But Brown’s food is worth the wait.

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