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Did you know Saturday is National Cheeseburger Day?

Yeah that’s right.

The first mention of “cheeseburgers” in The Dispatch was an advertisement for Toddle House dated March 15, 1938.

Well, the Toddle House is no longer an option, so where can you go to grab a good burger and party?

The Grand Columbus is full of restaurants, taverns and pubs with great burgers.

If you need some ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s an example of where to buy a burger, taken from a shipping review.

• Preston: hamburger restaurant

59, rue Spruce, Marché North, 614-400-1675,

Preston’s specialty cheeseburgers are always addicting. Now called Classic ($ 7, recommended double is $ 10), his crushed and ground fresh-tasting pate (with a nice touch of rose in the center of me) is melted, homemade American cheese. Accompanied by chopped pickles and red onions, finely chopped lettuce, a “secret sauce†with lots of mayonnaise and sweet puffy toast. Given the familiar high-quality ingredients and careful cooking, the trendy, inhalable burgers have an old-fashioned and old-fashioned feel.

Review: Preston continues to enjoy great burgers

• Doubly happy

1280 Brown Road, southwest

The protagonist of the little card is the charming Happy Burger ($ 3.99). Add another Patty ($ 1.95) and you have a more attractive, very fulfilling, and aptly named Double Happy.

Some of the beautiful properties of burgers come from the Cheerful Gravy, a flashy and spicy amalgamation of ketchup, mayonnaise, and abundant Worcestershire sauce. However, most of the happiness is carried by the water of melted American cheese and crispy pate on an iron plate. It’s almost unchanged, but it’s a sort of old-fashioned cheeseburger that’s promised in corporate fast food ads, but rarely offered.

Review: Double Happy brings a smile to your face with ice cream, burgers and fries

• Birch tavern

639 Main Street, Globeport

According to Corbyn, burgers are appreciated by customers and staff as a solid tavern staple.

Choose from bacon or ham, a fried egg and cheddar cheese for the burger in the sun ($ 10.99). The western ($ 10.99), meanwhile, is topped with jalapeño, pepperjack cheese, barbecue sauce, and beer-buttered onion rings.

Brioche bread served by a local Italian bakery in Audino, grilled to order.

Groveport Restaurant: Birch Tavern offers reasonably priced food and a relaxed atmosphere.

• To cut

1097 W. 1st Ave., Grandview Heights

Restaurants in Grand View Heights continue to stock up on almost everything from meat producers to cheese producers in Buckeye. Additionally, Cleaver managing partner Tony Tanner owns The Butcher & Grocer next door, where steak, pork, chicken, sausage and other artisanal goods are sold in retail stores.

The burger ($ 16) consists of a mixture of all-animal beef freshly ground at a processing plant.

“We have everything from brisket to ribs,†says Tanner.

Using Matija Breads Brioche Bread and Young’s Jersey Dairy Aged Cheddar, Burger-Roasted Red Onions, House Ohio Cucumber Pickles, Spicy Gijonese Mustard, and Beer Simmered Bacon, brown sugar and little cider. I did.

Cleaver Restaurant: When it comes to ingredients, the motto of Cleaver Restaurant is to buy locally.

Tommy’s restaurant

914 W. Broad St.

Tommy’s Diner may seem like a step backwards, but nothing beats that part, that price and that quality, said Michael Pappas, son of founders Tommy and Kathy Pappas. Founded by the Papas couple in 1989, the Franklinton restaurant remains very present on the Near-Westside dining scene.

Unsurprisingly, burgers are a big deal as part of the dining room. Straight Cheeseburger ($ 7.50) – All burgers are made from hand-stroked black Angus beef – half a pound of meat and sesame bread with traditional toppings.

“You just tasted the freshness of our burgers,†Papas said.

History of Toomy’s Diner: Handmade dining classics have made Tommy a destination for over 30 years

• fusion cuisine with jasmine

560 S. High St., Brewery District

The main reason is that the chef-owner responsible for running Jasmine’s one-man band was Zulfiqar Ali, who was the chef for eight years of the superb tandoori grill of Bethel Road. Jasmine mentioned a saying about the book and its cover. Ali was not able to process large orders quickly (waited over 30 minutes to visit), but due to his skills and experience, most of the dishes were influenced by his restaurant Pakistan and India from North. Was guaranteed. ,It was wonderful. It was also generally quite spicy and affordable.

Jasmine Fusion review: Jasmine Fusion Grill offers excellent curry and spicy and tasty food

• a flat iron tavern

129 E. Nationwide Blvd., Arena District

After more than a year in business, Flatiron Tavern continues its mission of being a friendly downtown destination. Rachel Frey, who owns the spot with her business partners Scott Schweizer and Chris Huda, said:

• McClellan Pub

6694 Sawmill Road, northwest side

Burgers are popular with the McClellans, who use a custom mix of beef in a 7-ounce pate served in brioche bread. One option ($ 12) includes Guinness barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, and fried onion chips, with side choices.

About McClellan’s Pub: Pubs are fun to mix American and Irish influences

• a Columbus Brewing Company tap room

2555 Harrison Road, west side

CBC’s burgers, fries, chicken wings and pizzas are worth checking out on your own. That said, this one-of-a-kind dish is well designed to pair with 20 Operation house draft beers.

An exceptional dinner-style cheeseburger ($ 12) with thick, surprising fries evokes great craftsmanship that compliments locally grown beef patties with a spicy house sauce and pickled cucumbers. (Oxymoron alert).

What you need to know about Columbus Brewing: Cheeseburgers, Wings and Bread Pizza in Columbus Brewing Lures

• The Adam’s Eden food truck

Find the location on

The “Adam” burger ($ 8) is typically a third of a pound of charcoal grilled beef, mushrooms, onions, pepper, pepperoni, provolone, American cheese, topped with mayonnaise, ketchup and barbecue. is not.

Adam’s Eden: food truck chefs compensate for lack of space with quality recipes

Double happy burger with waffle fries and strawberry milkshake.

A classic double burger with banana pudding, chicken nuggets and cookies at Prestons, North Market.


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