Classic Philadelphia Cheesesteak and Fries Review |

I was given a philly cheesesteak and seasoned fries to try. The fries are seasoned regular crinkle fries straight out of the fryer. Seasoned, crispy and soft is how I would describe these fries. Philly cheese steak was standard, with thinly sliced ​​seasoned beef, fresh cut onions and green peppers, topped with a generous amount of cottage cheese. What surprised me about this philly was the bun it came on, as I was expecting a basic hoagie bun which is often used for philly cheesesteaks. This bread is a Mexican bread, called bolillo (pronounced, which is quite similar to French bread. Bobby toasted both sides of the bolillo with butter, creating a great crunch that helps hold things inside. This bread was rather sweet in my opinion which added a positive characteristic to the philly. The bread was also a bit flaky, combining well with being toasted. Overall the taste of the philly cheese steak was good! You can definitely taste the freshness of the onions and peppers as the flavors of the seasoned, seared beef and cottage cheese mix in your mouth. As I said earlier, the bread was toasted on both sides which created an amazing crunchy texture, but it still had a delicious, soft and flaky interior.

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