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Winner of This is Shanghai New restaurant of the year 2020, Wine bar took over La Saleya on Changle Lu in December, making it none other than The Saleya Wine Bar. With more of a “home-from-home” vibe, French cuisine is rustic, country-style and classically simple, but always paired with a stellar wine selection.

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After getting their hands on the space, the owner Jeffrey Yao a completely redesigned menu – it now offers everyday French dishes such as rillettes, Burgundian snails, terrine, beef tartare and braised frog legs.

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A few summery little bits – seafood stew, tuna tartare and Hokkaido scallops with lobster sauce – also adorn the menu for now, best enjoyed in the quaint (but element-covered) outdoor garden which is always full. when the weather is nice pretty.

Each meal begins with a complimentary sliced ​​baguette, served with salted butter and anchovy butter. As hot, crisp and tempting as it is to swallow it all at once, wait for the main course instead – in true French form, they’re slathered with luscious sauces and drizzled with sparkling infused oils that can be fully exploited. with said bread entry.

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A generously large pot is filled to the top of Duck rillettes (RMB95), a sharing portion that could easily feed a small family, accompanied by toast, pickles and old-fashioned mustard.

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Although originally from Spain, a thick bowl of Gazpacho (125 RMB) makes its way on this French country menu, topped with a salad of baby squid and fennel shavings. Deep in flavor with a peppery spice, this exemplary plate gets a boost from tender shellfish protein.

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The Tuna Tartare (RMB165) arrives at the table inverted on a wavy, sliced ​​and marinated artichoke heart. Manual of ingredients – shallots, garlic, capers, pickles and Dijon mustard – this is a hallmark example of an unpretentious dish well done.

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Celeriac puree garnished with Grilled Octopus Leg (RMB195) is topped with an herb salad and herbal aioli dots coupled with a whisk of lemon zest oil. Together, these fresh citrus flavors form an anchor that allows umami-rich seafood to take over.

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Expertly grasped Cod (RMB185) is crisp with a crisp, yet flaky crust, while the creamy mashed celeriac topped with crispy sautéed leeks acts as a textural contrast on the two extremes of the spectrum.

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The lightly seared Foie Gras is accompanied by thick pancakes of Oxtail (RMB185), another heavy portion that is ideally shared. A bright lime leaf and basil oil are pitted against a tangy teriyaki red wine sauce, slicing through the oxtail fat and its indulgent foie gras sidekick.

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Image by Sophie Steiner / This is

Dessert sees timeless options – like cabbages Tiramisu puffs (RMB65) and lush Creme brulee (RMB55) with a caramelized crust that shatters on impact, accompanied by a Yuzu pie (60 RMB) and Basque cheesecake (70 RMB).

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The wine list, which covers over 320 vintages at any given time, is 90% French (unlike the original wine list of the Bar à Vin which represents a worldwide selection). But, with so much from France, you can really experience unique bottles and wines from small producers covering a wide range of grape varieties ranging from RMB 250 to RMB 700 per bottle. There are nearly ten in total of reds, whites and sparkling wines available by the glass for RMB60-75.

In the same vein as the other places in Yao, Le Saleya Bar à Vin is not a revolutionary wine bar concept, it is simple, relaxed and particularly charming. Whether it’s an afternoon glass of wine perched on a patio or a full French dinner, Le Saleya Bar à Vin does the trick.

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